SEO and the Right Keywords for Niche Sites

Your starting point needs to be a list of questions. These questions will govern your keyword selection choices. Create a list of all the questions pertinent to your site and SEO efforts. These lists will make your life much easier thereafter–in order to satisfy both your readers, and to be popular with the search engines. This article will expose you to a few thoughts and ideas in order to help stimulate your list into life.

What are others doing?

Go to other niche sites and check out their source code. You are going to be able to see their keywords. Copy them and test them to see which you can use.

Advertised much

If you are running a niche site, and your competitor is running a big advertising campaign with their name as a keyword–why not add that keyword into your Meta keywords tag. No humans will see it, but when they search for your competitor, you website will drop nicely underneath it (like the crow stealing corn from the blind chicken).

What language?

Note the language in and of itself. Keep the language to your native one (if you can). Consider what language level you should set your site at. Are your readers bone suckers, carrot crunchers or moustache twisters?

Your university degree may allow you to understand the existential burden of knowledge intake and/as-of your voyage towards paroxysms of delight, but if your readers have only just finished reading “Billy and his big blue ball”, then you may need to dumb down your language level a little.

Side note – Be prepared to change. You may think you know your own niche, but you don’t know your viewer’s…yet. If their comments all seem to take a certain tone, you should adapt to make your text more pleasing to them.

For example, you may notice that text talk creeps into your comments. Dnt try 2 copy it, jus adpt 2 it. So for example, if you did notice that a lot of your viewers use text talk, you could try starting a few paragraphs with it. Like a big L8r instead of “later”. If you notice a new fad word kicking around your comment boxes–consider adding it to your next blog post title.

Keywords the users use

The last paragraph brings us nicely onto the next topic – the keywords your users use when they comment. They are going to drop a few good keywords every now and then. If you alter your keywords every now and then (so as to keep up with the trends), you should consider using a few keywords that your commenters have dropped.

You may find your readers/user is looking for a “clean hotel in the city near the railway station” rather than “cheap accommodation at a reasonable distance of public transport.” The difference between the two formulations illustrates the kind of misunderstanding that often occurs between the creator of a website and its visitors: they talk about the same thing, but not the same way. Use your observation skills to pick out what your readers are looking for, so that you may appeal to them better in the future.

What if this is a brand new site? You won’t have any comments, however, all of your competitors will. Browse what people have written in the comment sections on their websites. Doing this may also give you a few good ideas for your site too.

Your location

All keywords are not equally important. Often, the location of a business is crucial. Readers do not seek a “great Japanese restaurant” but a “great Japanese restaurant in New York.” If your business is local, it is essential to specify its location. Moreover if your niche is a regional thing, use that too (people won’t look for Texas oil in Hawaii).

Your own keywords

No, not the ones you have already come up with! The ones you would personally type in to find your niche site. This should be easy if you followed the advice above and searched for your competitors. When you did your search, what did you type into the search engine?

In marketing terms, these words and topics will be part of your website that will address what you might call a “niche”. For example, if you were looking for someone to do your college coursework, you would not type in “someone to do your college coursework”, you may type in “custom essay”.

Side note – beware of seller and buyer words, such as with the example above. You may be tempted to added keywords such as, “someone to do your college coursework”. They are not terrible keywords, but they are “seller” words, not “buyer” words. A searcher would type in “someone to do my college coursework”.

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