5 tips for becoming an influential Twitter user

be influential on twitterTwitter boasts of over 500 million users worldwide, of which only a small percentage can be considered truly influential – with millions of followers, a great Klout score, and a sizeable number of retweets every day. What do these users do differently? How do they become so influential?
Influential Twitter users can be segmented into two categories:

    The rich, the famous, the popular – Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, and celebrities worldwide. In this case, becoming influential is cakewalk. People find you and retweet your tweets. All you need to do is keep tweeting.

    You – blog owner, WAHM, entrepreneur, writer, startup etc.

This post is about you. Here are five steps that will help “you” become an influential Twitter user:

Have a niche

Ever heard the old proverb, “Jack of all trades, master of none”? Twitter has millions of users with different interests, ethnicities, and personas. It is impossible to reach out to every single one of them.

Instead, find a subject to discuss and promote. For example, let’s say you want to be an expert on cookies, but there are already a million Twitter users talking about cookies. Choose a niche like peanut butter cookies or sugar cookies.

Find influential users in your niche

Tools like List Atlas and Tweetfind help you find influential Twitter users in your niche. This in turn helps you build social engagement – take time to read their tweets, talk to them about their business, retweet their tweets, and send them links that will interest them.

Make an effort to learn about people you follow

The “suggested list” feature may provide a list of people Twitter thinks you should follow, but follow them only if you have something in common or if following them will increase your influence.

Always spend time in reading Twitter bios and a few tweets from people you’re planning to follow or want to tweet to. This helps in personalizing your tweets and increases your chances of receiving a reply.

Everyone likes it when you spend extra time understanding what they offer.

Invest time and effort in creating useful tweets

Don’t tweet about everything under the sun. Sure, it’s nice to know you’re going shopping this weekend, but how do you expect your Twitter followers to use this information? Unless you’re a fashionista, this bit of information doesn’t help anyone.
If you’ve run short of blog posts to share, start a conversation by asking your followers a question. Or even better, if you’re an expert at something, answer their questions. Doing this will get you more retweets and followers, thus increasing your influence.

Strike a conversation with your followers and people you follow

If you find an interesting tweet, retweet it and start a conversation around it. Not only will the original poster be thankful, they’ll make it a point to follow you!

Like any other social media channel, you can increase traffic to your blog and website with Twitter – all it needs is a little extra time and effort. Craft interesting tweets, retweet tweets from influential users, and provide valuable information to your followers.

About the author: Joe Linford writes on behalf of social shopping sites www.broadbandgenie.co.uk and www.crowdstorm.co.uk, who help consumers learn more about everything from iPhones to fridges!

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