In the true sense, and not just from the SEO point of view, to know a company’s strength in terms of virtual presence, it is the back links that do the talking.
Linking Between Websites that Lasts Forever


Although in an ideal situation, everything should be organic – purely based on the slow and steady growth of your website’s popularity, but in reality one needs to leverage the opportunity to the optimal level. There is no harm in projecting your brand in such a manner that it works best to enhance your presence and increase back linking. This, in other words, shall be termed as your Link Building strategy.

So, besides factors like:

1. Basic awareness of market, norms, and practices
2. Analysis of competitor strategy
3. Regular analysis of your strategy

– There are other major sections that are very important.

Broadly Speaking – The Linked Content And The Quality Of Back Links.

The Linked Content is the content to which the back links are pointed at. Things to keep in mind are:

1. You Must Vary Your Anchor Text

Which are the terms that the user is using to search for information on the internet? On a more professional note, is your keyword target correct? As professionals, it’s important to keep this information in mind. The anchor text is what links your content to other pages and plays an important role in building your back link network. So, look for the right terms and ink to them; don’t just link to one anchor text.

2. You Must Not Vary Your Anchor Text Too Much

Taking it further form the above point, be careful not over do the number of keywords that can link to. Over linking to a varied number of anchor texts can lead to a dilution of your efforts in a way that you don’t appear on top SERPs for any of the keywords that you’re targeting. Hence, depending on your needs, targeting a limited but focused set of anchor texts is the best approach.

Also, some strategists suggest, after the business grows, one can begin to increase the number of keywords and make such strategic changes.

3. Create Great Quality Content Which Gets Good Organic Support Too

And the most important, create content that people would love to read and share. The social media networks are on their high and this is the best time to get people to be your brand ambassadors! As long as you give them great content, they’ll go ahead and do that; in an entirely organic manner.

Good quality content pulls a lot of backlink simply based on its nature!

The Quality If Back Links

After content comes the quality of the links that come to your site.
What are the sources of links? Authenticity? Value?

4. Don’t build too many No-Follow links

The problem here is as evident in the title. The bots read ‘Nofollow’ as no recommendation; which means they turn a blind eye to the mention. What’s the point of connecting like this? You might have a 1001 such associations and still no ranking on SERP because they do not count in the web rankings.

5. Good Links

This is simply the relevant links. The links that add value to your content and that have a significant presence.

6. Bad Neighborhoods – Keep Away

Porn sites, spam sites, illegal drugs, websites with pirated content – if they are linking to you, there’s a problem.

The search engines are very smart. They view these sites as ‘bad neighborhoods’ or zones; the fact that bad zones are linking to you is not a good sign. Your website will also be categorized as one with in appropriate content. Site penalization is possible. So, try not to fall into the trap.

7. Avoid Paid Links

Firstly, this isn’t a right practice. And secondly, the link quality suffers beating the very purpose for which the linking has been done.

You might end up being associated to irrelevant sites; at the end of the day, it’s not just numbers, it’s also quality that matters.

Written by Andy Kinsey SEO Consultant
For over ten years I have been working with all kinds of clients big and small, start ups to multi-nationals, helping them to make the most of their online assets and ensure they can grow.