Your chance to shape

As one of my more recent posts says SEOAndy is now 2 years old and with this I am taking a break from posting. I have to tell you that I am really enjoying taking a break from posting here (more about this another time).
Anyway so this week I’ve spent a lot of time designing things, from more business cards to leaflets to a concept website for a prospect client. Also this week I’ve started thinking about what SEOAndy will become. Over the next few months along with the random articles I stick up I will be making lots of exciting changes to the website. However, before I begin to think about changing things I want to know your views on what SEOAndy should become in the future, what you would like to see and whether writing articles is even the right format (maybe you want a podcast instead?).

So whether you want to see SEOAndy become a network of blogs with a wide range of tech related topics or you would like to simply see SEOAndy become a podcast, let us know. All ideas are welcomed.

To get in touch with SEOAndy simply tweet @andykinsey or
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SEOAndy are looking for guest bloggers, posts don’t have to be huge but they do have to be of interest and unbias. In return for writing for us, each post we publish will contain a short bio about you or your company along with a link (we will also allow one link to your website in your post).  If you are interested tweet @andykinsey today.