Christmas is a time to relax and let go… forget your diet and eat everything you can…
Well it isn’t really but thats how it turns out for many millions, they aim to continue or start a diet at this time of year but slip up… its natural it’s christmas a time for enjoyment and stuffing your face a little more than normal.

Anyway I’ve been working with Kaloss Trimmers to increase sales on a new diet website of the same name. The site doesn’t have many products (just over 50!) but the few it does have are amazing and are all proven to help you on your diet – don’t be funny i’m not talking about nail files, scented candles or anything like that!

As I was talking with the team and a few of the clients they have I’ve managed to grab some little hints and tips that will help you out this festive season to keep the weight off.

5 Christmas Diet Tips

Quality Over Quantity – champagne and salmon NOT beer and kebabs!

Avoid a Real Stuffing – drink lots of water before your meals, it will fill you up so you can’t eat so much! (it’s free and zero calories)

Dance The Night Away – at a party? then dance, boogey on down to the beats because its exercise and burns off excess calories!

Don’t Give Something Up at New Year – unless its smoking, keep your treats just cut back and make them a well earned treat rather than a once or twice a day treat!

Shop After Eating – this stops impulse sweetie purchases and/or beer purchases …saving your money and helping you loose weight!

So with these tips this festive season should hopefully be a little easier, however if all else fails (and for a few it will) then why not get a head start with the help of Kaloss Trimmers Carbohydrate Blockers (Phase2 XTRA).

And if all else fails in the new year why not try one of the amazing vibrating plates from Kaloss Trimmers (at exclusive prices!)

This post was sponsored by Kaloss Trimmers – Sorry but sometimes even the best have to sell their souls.

Written by Andy Kinsey SEO Consultant
For over ten years I have been working with all kinds of clients big and small, start ups to multi-nationals, helping them to make the most of their online assets and ensure they can grow.