My Next #30DayChallenge – Blogging

Tomorrow I start a new adventure in my life. I officially return to being self employeed (which rocks) and as if that wasn’t enough I will also be taking part in my next #30DayChallenge – blogging once a day, every day, for 30 days.
My #30DayChallenge History
I’ve done 30 day challenges before, including using Lycos Search for 30 Days and more recently eating breakfast for 30 days (I haven’t kept that one up). I once considered giving up Coffee for 30 days, but it’s my primary fuel so that won’t happen for now – but maybe next year.

My #30DayChallenge Blogging – The Plan
I am going to set myself some rules, they will both make life a little easier and a little more difficult. However, the intended result (as always) is to deliver value and resources to my readers in EVERY post.

  1. I must publish one article on SEOAndy everyday.
  2. The article must be written with myself as the sole author.
  3. All articles must be 500+ words, including infographic posts.
  4. All articles must be “on topic” (digital marketing).
  5. I can write mutlple posts in a single day and schedule them, but only upto 3 scheduled posts at a time maybe scheduled.
  6. All posts will be tagged #30DayChallenge

My #30DayChallenge Blogging – Origins

The 30 Day Challenge for Blogging is brain child of the “blogging queen” Sarah Arrow. A lover of blogging, I can guess if you are reading this you will have read some of her material too, maybe without realising it. She has grown her business through blogging and now wants to help others follow in the same route, it will be hard work but anyone can do it. – Read more about the challenge here.

2 Comments on “My Next #30DayChallenge – Blogging”

  1. Welcome Andy, no coffee if you break one of your rules? Or is that too severe? ;)I recommend you have a few more than 3 in drafts as usually around day 13 people start to struggle and if you have some extras you’ll get through the plateau. That said, out of the 500 or so people that have participated this year, only 4 men have graduated. You have the weight of male expectation on your shoulders 😉

    1. Oh my word, you meanie! No Coffee! Wow!
      OK, I can do that, for how long? an hour, a day?

      I do feel that I’ve some advantage on others, hence the rules to make it a level playing field. Only 4 men have graduated … wow this doesn’t please me. I think I need to get to challenging other folk at some point. 🙂

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