Starting Up in Business – You Got This!

When you start out in business, whether you are an SEO Consultant, making beautifully personalised wedding gifts or pretty much anything else – you are either a business from day one or you are winging it… 

The reality for most start-up’s is that having made a huge jump from the workplace to working for themselves, or maybe they’ve not done that yet, they are scared and fear of not being able to do something often means that idea will never see the light of day.

But anyone who runs their own business will tell you, it’s hard but you can do it. 

Words which I think are neatly summarised by this lovely print, designed by Buttons and Bootees.

But don’t just take my word for it. Other business owners think the same way too. Recently I was lucky enough to be the “pioneer of the week” over on Virgin Pioneers (do join it if you’ve not already), so I decided to raid the archives for some advice for you.

You Got This: Gavin Bell – Blue Cliff Media

What three things do you wish someone had told you when you first started?

  1. Be patient. Nothing happens overnight.
  2. Ask for help. People are happy to help if you just ask.
  3. Take action. Don’t wait for the “right time” to do something. Just do it now.

Read Gavins Pioneer Interview. – Tweet @mrgavinbell

You Got This: Amy Crabtree – Cakes with Faces

What are two things do you wish someone told you when you first started?

1. That things would be ok when I quit my job. Being employed felt stable and I spent a lot of time thinking about quitting before I took the leap.

2. There are so many things that don’t have one right answer. No one can tell you what will definitely work or be successful – sometimes you just have to try things out and see what works for you.

Read Amy’s Pioneer Interview. – Tweet @cakeswithfaces

You Got This: Nikki Thomas – Nikki Thomas Coaching

Tell us about a challenging experience you’ve faced in the process of starting up your business and how you overcame it.
Everything has been challenging! I came into it quite naïve. I set up the business with little finance and using an HP mini netbook on a fold-up wooden chair in my kitchen. At the beginning I had to learn everything from scratch – and I had to realise I had to ask for help. I needed help with accounting, tech, building a website, etc. I needed to start from the very beginning.

What advice could you give to other start-ups about starting up in your industry?
Setbacks never mean you should give up. By running this business I ate through my savings, made some massive mistakes, got completely overwhelmed and burnt myself out – and that was all in a year! But I remember that the only reason people don’t succeed is because they give up. Giving up is not an option. Always remember why you do what you do. I put all my client testimonials on my wall to remind me that I am going in the right direction. 

Read Nikki’s Interview. Tweet @nikkipthomas

Starting a new business can be scary, even when you are already in business knowing whether it’s time to grow your staff, knowing if it’s time to pivot your business and knowing how your business is performing are all questions which will probably drive you slightly nuts. But it’s worth it … and remember, if you’ve got a passion for what you do… You Got This.

 With thanks to Buttons and Bootees for use of this photograph!
With thanks to Buttons and Bootees for use of this photograph!

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