The Future of SEO Andy

The future of this website has been on my mind a lot recently. We took a break from posting new articles in late October, and in the time since it’s played on my mind as to whether this site has a future and if so what that future would look like.
With this in mind, on Jan 1st, I launched a 30 second survey to allow readers to help shape the future of this site.

CLICK HERE to complete the survey (closes Jan 31st, 2016)

The Challenges of Running

SEOAndy is a massive part of my life, It’s no secret that I love my work, I have a real passion for it & I am lucky enough to work with some amazing clients.

This website has published over 600 seo and digital marketing related articles, since launching in 2008.

The first challenge we face is that “the world never stops”, things change and at SEOAndy we embrace that change. But this means that many articles are now simply inaccurate, indeed I estimate around 50% of our articles need either re-writing in full or significant updates. Now, this was always going to be an issue on a site this size, but with a growing audience this has never been more true.

With this in mind, the survey asks what you want to see more of – not only will this contribute to where we focus going forward with new articles, but it will also help us to shape how we update previous articles.

The second challenge faced by SEOAndy is that as our audience grows, so to does our expense. As bills rise we face little option than to find ways to raise revenue. Over the coming months we’ll be letting you know more about this, but for now we’ve added Google Adsense adverts to all articles – it won’t make a lot but every little helps.

The final challenge is simply that we always need ideas for things to write about. I know what I want to talk about but I need to know what you, my audience, wants to learn about. So, leave a comment below and let me know!