4 Reasons WordPress Is A Great Platform For Any Website

Long gone are the days where WordPress is the CMS platform of choice among freelancers and small business owners.
Once upon a time, it seemed like WordPress wasn’t cut to wear a suit –and rightly so. Business owners had a whole lot of obstacles to overcome in their quest to take their businesses online. When the web became an unavoidable, unstoppable force, the WordPress we all know and love was a shadow of what it is today. It was complex, hard to use, full of bugs, and it conformed solely to the business requirements of bloggers. And bloggers didn’t know what their business requirements were.

The humble beginnings of WordPress originated in peer-to-peer free speech, and citizen journalists were driving the car. Today, both bloggers and business owners of every class can agree; WordPress is ready for business prime time.

Why is WordPress Good for Business?

1. It’s a Business Application

As popularity of the open source CMS grew, so did the interest businesses had in it as a low-cost alternative to costly custom web design and development builds.

WordPress initially suffered the curse of being an all-in-one solution; it would casually adhere to custom business processes, jack of all trades, master of none.

Today, advanced and very specific plugins occupy a growing plug in directory which allows business WordPress users to scale their WordPress content management system to accommodate business needs and functions. One great example of this is WooCommerece an amazing ecommerce plugin, recently purchased by WordPress themselves.

Today, a business can transact in the millions annually on a WordPress installation, track resources, manage inventory, and a properly configured WordPress CMS can even act as a point of sale register.

While this has been great for small business, it’s been a huge advantage for larger businesses, too.

2. It’s Universal

Another benefit of choosing WordPress for your business website or web-based application solution is that there is no vendor lock-in. Companies are not tied to their website design vendor as they once were.

This new freedom ensures that companies partner with web design vendors they like and trust and not those coy enough to hold them ransom with custom code and proprietary licensing.

3. It’s Backed by Thousands of Talented People

Instead of hiring a small bespoke web design company, when you work with WordPress, you’re enlisting the support of thousands of designers and developers around the world who contribute to the WordPress ecosystem. Code that is contributed is stringently kept, monitored for errors, and bug issues are swatted quickly. The end product is a quality product every time because contributors are rated and poor quality contributors are expunged. WordPress development is what makes WordPress ready for use by your business.

4. It Wins the “Buy vs Build” Argument, Every Time

It never makes sense to go full custom, or full prefabricated; WordPress makes it easy to combine the very best integration’s and technologies of both worlds into one simple to use turnkey website solution. Now business owners can store customer data in Salesforce, control inventory through a proprietary third-party solution, and still have it all come breathlessly together in a cohesive way to a WordPress website visitor. WordPress has hundreds of thousands of unique plugins that make integrations easy, no matter how old or archaic your existing systems may be.

WordPress has now become the best and most preferred CMS platform – especially for business use. Through WordPress, business owners can have a company website that can easily be built for their needs. And, with the plugins and other customisation methods available, it will not take you a very long time to have the functionalities you like for your company website.

WordPress is an all in one solution in making company websites meet business needs with ease.

Guest Article: Louise Cruise has been in the web development industry for more than 5 years. She has worked with different web development companies giving her enough experience to create websites that match her clients’ business needs and preferences.

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