We’re Getting Old – 7 Years Old

Each year, on the birthday of SEOAndy, I look back of what we’ve done and what the plans are for the future. This years we are celebrating our 7th birthday – I should probably get some cake or something.
In the past year I returned to being a Digital Marketing Consultant in my own right, leaving a great digital agency in Manchester RedStar to set up on my own (again). It wasn’t an easy decision to make and I owe everyone at RedStar (especially Darren) a great deal of gratitude for everything – it’s a testament to how well we worked together as a team that we still help each other out from time to time.

Since the move, SEOAndy has gone from strength to strength – I┬ámay not have posted as many articles as I wanted (around 100) but that is because of how busy I am with clients and my other life’s duties. The main focus of SEOAndy has been on working with Social Enterprises, such as Social Adventures which was a great project to help bring all of their sites into the 21st century and performing from a digital point of view.

This year has also been huge from the view of launching the first ever SEOAndy niche website, SusbcriptionCoffee.org, which offers reviews of subscription coffee services and lots of awesome coffee related content. This has led to many amazing relationships in lots of industries, relationships and friendships I truly value.

There are a ton of folks to thank but here are just a few: Kate, Darren, Andy, Jim, Raj, Jan, Javstah, Tina, Will, Ryan & Sarah.


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