We are around two thirds of the way to the finish line with public voting for the UK Blog Awards 2015, and so to show why I’ve been nominated and ask for your support – here are 5ย of the most read and most popular blogs this year.
The last date of voting is now 3rd December, following issues with voting in the first few days. If you voted over the first couple of days, please do Vote for Me again, just to make sure you’re vote counts ๐Ÿ™‚

5ย of the Best from SEOAndy

1. External Domains vs Sub-domains vs Folders for SEO

A friend of SEOAndy, Kit Taylor, asked what would be best for his line of work and website. Should he look at opening up more websites, micro-sites? Should be look at using a sub-domain, but what does that do to rankings? or What about using a folder for SEO?

This is the number #1 Most Read article on SEOAndy in 2014, despite being posted in 2012 – now thats what you call ever-green content.

Click here to read, external domains vs sub-domains for seo.

2. Subscription Coffee Review – The Big List

This year my love for Coffee finally made it to the blog, and I wrote a number of short reviews as a large post for subscription coffee services available in the uk. The post is one of the most talked about posts on the site, and is easily my most enjoy post to write, along with my longer review posts like the ones for The Coffee Roasters and Brown Bear (and not forgetting Kopi Coffee).

Due to it’s popularity and many requests, I will be starting a new website shortly looking at all the subscription services in more detail.

3. Google Penalty Checker Tools


Another post from a different year, posted in August 2013, the Google Penalty Checker Tools are two free tools offering you guidance on whether you’ve been hit during a recent Google Algorithm Update (such as penguin or panda) or not. They both work by using your Google Analytics account.

I enjoyed writing this post because it allowed me to do what SEOAndy was set up to do, share tools and ideas from the “trade” to help small businesses keep on track growing. It is also the third most read blog on SEOAndy.

4. Creating Social Media Friendly Images, for Free

This post was one of the most socially shared posts on SEOAndy this year, it’s the introduction to Canva a free tool for creating engaging social media graphics.

There have been many others syndicated which have had a ton of shares elsewhere but this one is up there as the most-shared SEOandy blog this year.

5. SEO Checklist 2014 – Free Download

A few months ago I began introducing downloadable content to SEOAndy, and it’s been a staggering hit. The most downloaded resource today is The SEO Checklist, followed by the Re-launch SEO Checklist.

Between them they’ve had over 7,500 downloads at time of publication.

Written by Andy Kinsey SEO Consultant
For over ten years I have been working with all kinds of clients big and small, start ups to multi-nationals, helping them to make the most of their online assets and ensure they can grow.