Optimising Photographs for SEO, The Photographers SEO Guide

There are a bunch of articles across the web which talk about how to optimise photos for seo, they all look at different aspects of your images – some in more detail than others. But mainly confusing and not in plain english.
Today I am introducing my guide to optimising images and photographs for SEO, the aim to help you achieve more with your photographs.

The guide, which you can download below, looks at the major factors which can effect your search ranking in respect of images. Optimising photographs can take time and effort, but ultimately can lead to more traffic – and importantly qualified traffic to your website, this is particularly the case for photographers (such as Jenny and Mick who kindly let me us their images as examples).

The free guide covers the follow areas & gives working examples for you to follow:

  1. File Naming Protocols & Why This Is Important
  2. Keyword Targeting in Textual Content for Images and Photos
  3. Which Image Format Should You Be Using
  4. File Size Reduction for SEO
  5. External Loading of Photos for SEO
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