Andy in Podcast Form – Content Matters Podcast

One of the things I love most about my job is that I get to talk to a wide variety of people about the world of Digital Marketing and SEO. I’ve been lucky enough to talk with some amazing folks in business, education, health care and many other sectors.
So a few weeks ago I was asked by Iain Griffin of the Content Matters Podcast to take part in an interview for the podcast, which has today been released.

You can listen to my interview over on the Content Matters website, or ideally subscribe via iTunes and download it there.

In the podcast we discuss how SEO fits into the bigger picture of Digital Marketing, how this informs my work at RedStar, how frequency and quality of content affect SEO and how use of social media can affect search rankings, if at all.

If it raises any questions for you and your organisation leave a comment in the show notes on the Content Matters website or use social media to get in touch.

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