Key Statistics The Every Website Owner Should Know

Today, in London, there is a conference taking place called Catalyst #EUCatalyst – the conference is aimed at growing multi-channel platforms such that it becomes part of every online business that sells products.
Multi-Channel is the selling of products across multiple platforms, such as Amazon eBay Alibaba etc etc – ideally fed from one central location. At RedStar we offer multi-channel solutions, usually based around an online shop powered by Magento.

At the conference, as usual with this kind of event, there have been a number of Keynote addresses and I wanted to share with you a few of the key statistics that could really change how you view your online shop, what it does, and what the future is for your online presence and growth plans.

Catalyst Multi-Channel Statistics for Website Owners

Reasons to use Amazon

  1. Amazon globally has 237 million active buyers.
  2. Amazon regularly grows by around 19% year on year.
  3. Amazon has 8 UK fulfilment centres, this decreases shipping costs for you and the buyer.
  4. 10% of Amazon Users are PRIME subscribers, they buy FOUR times more than regular buyers.

Reasons to use eBay

  1. International trade looks set to increase on eBay by 30% by 2020.
  2. eBay international commerce will grow seven fold to £28 billion!
  3. 64% of eBay buyers in the Europe are outside of Germany an the UK.
  4. 90% of e-commerce transactions in China are through market-places like eBay.

Google Says So, So It MUST Be True

  1. Every second your website takes to load, you will loose 7% of conversions.
  2. Google believes there will be 5bn people online.
  3. 64% of people who buy online do research before buying a product or service.
  4. Google Ratings and Reviews are a fantastic way to differentiate yourself from a competitor.

Want More?

The statistics above are just a few of those mentioned during todays multi-channel conference. If you want to see some more awesome stats check out the “stat blog” on the RedStar website.

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