Every Business Should Blog – Here’s Why

Blogging is something I do one a very regular basis, both here on SEO Andy and across other websites. The reality is though I don’t do blogging to boost rankings for anyone, I blog because it informs, it drives traffic and inspires loyalty. Those 3 pillars can then be leant on to potentially drive business, as I do for other websites (though not SEO Andy). The statistics back this up, and below we can see just why every business should be blogging in 2014.
61% of consumers are influenced in buying decisions from  a blog

The above data isn’t the end of the story though, blogging isn’t everything. But combine this with the right social media strategy and digital marketing strategy & you’ll be on the path to success. Still not convinced to get your blogging tools out? here are 5 more reasons you should be blogging

5 Reasons Businesses Should Bog

1 – Blogging shows your authority (gain trust in your brand)
2 – Great content can lead to more qualified leads
3 – Your site can become a hub for industry discussion (further trust building)
4 – Great content will garner good quality links
5 – It’s free and you don’t have to write 24 posts a month (2 or 3 times a month is a good start)

Infographic originally found at QuickSprout

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