20 hit ideas to make content marketing productive

It’s the age when content goes viral in no time. Websites like WordPress, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube are supporting users to the great extent in sharing whatever content they like, in just a click. It’s also helping the businesses in becoming popular among the targeted customers in short time span.
Social media has totally changed the way content was previously shared over World Wide Web. Some interesting stats will reveal more about the role of social media in promoting content.

  • > Daily YouTube video views are 2 billion.
  • > WordPress has 200 million blog posts for the interested readers.
  • > Twitter receives 50 million tweets per day.
  • > Facebook receives above 1 billion active users per day.


 The Rise Of Content Marketing: The Reasons

The credit of the great content marketing shift goes to Google. In 2011, the very notorious Panda Update of Google penalized hundreds and thousands of websites due to poor quality and duplicate content. After that update, the trend of content marketing gained boom, as per stats revealed by Google.

After the worst effects of Panda, Google launched another furious attack over the websites in the form of Penguin update. That update penalized the websites carrying poor quality links.

Both Panda and Penguin brought big changes in the SEO world. Techniques to automate content and get links were no more in trend after April 2012. The links are no more acquired through web or social sharing, but it’s the quality that matters the most.

Following interesting stats are revealed in a report titled “B2B content marketing: 2013 benchmarks, budgets, and trends”.

  • > 91% marketers utilize content marketing as part of the overall marketing plan.
  • > 87% of the marketers go the social media way for content distribution.
  • > 74% of the marketers utilize content marketing for lead generation.
  • > 54% of the marketers have more spending plans over content marketing for the year 2013.
  • > 33% of the marketers spend specific budget on content marketing.

Denying the content marketing strategy means you are surrendering in front of your competition.

What Are The Great Ideas Of Content Marketing?

You can promote your business with content marketing and there are 20 useful ideas to do so. Read the lines below to get the insight!

  1. 1.      Contact industry leaders

You can contact industry leaders and interview them to get some quality content for your audience. Whether webinars or blog posts, the content would be appealing to get quality links, and will help industry leaders in getting exposure.

  1. 2.      Conduct surveys

Get help from the online community in the form of survey responses. There are several survey platforms available online to get help from without paying a single penny. The questions can be of the following kind:

  • > The biggest industry challenge
  • > Reason of not subscribing today
  • > Frequency of buying certain product
  • > The marketing channel receiving more budgets in 2014
  1. 3.      Use industry news as weapon

Write blog posts to convey what you have heard from a webinar or read from a whitepaper. If possible, include questions of the author of the whitepaper or speaker of the webinar and provide the audience with the answers.

  1. 4.      Use presentations as great support

Keep record of the presentations you hold or the webinars you attend and share them with the targeted audiences. Make use of SlideShare to prepare your presentations with great ease. It will also provide you with a great opportunity to create awareness among the targeted audience in any event you hold.

  1. 5.      Knowledgebase is necessary

Although, FAQs are considered as the best approach to deliver the right information that website visitors are seeking for, but these aren’t that much useful. Identify the top 10 questions and complaints that users may have and give their answers in the FAQ section. It will make this portion of your website, content-rich.

  1. 6.      Arrange webinars

Arrange a webinar about your company and reveal what you offer. Many services are available to help creating the webinars like GoToMeeting and WebEx. The webinar content can be promoted at several channels, which is one of its major benefits. Don’t ask for registration at the landing page; instead, update the video of the webinar as part of the content.

  1. 7.      Use Pinterest for sharing reports and white papers

Useful data is available in the form of hundreds and thousands of charts, reports, and white papers, tough to read all. Having a Pinterest account means you are allowing the readers to share whatever they find good about the industry trends, you will also feel well informed.

  1. 8.      Be there with Infographic

Infographic is the best weapon to fight with while following the content marketing approach. Infographic can be utilized with great ease by breaking down the larger website content into appealing infographics. The form of content to be turned into appealing infographics include annual reports, white papers, about us section of a website, and product sheets. Infographics can also be used to create a history within your particular niche.

  1. 9.      Ask for newsletter signup

You might have seen certain online courses that ask just for signing up and you will be delivered with bundles of tricks and tips on the topic of your choice. The same strategy you can opt for to get more subscribers for your own content marketing campaign.

  1. 10.  Live blog the seminar

Share your views about attending any seminar or conference. Provide the readers with important updates as well as key findings of the research or data. Do mention the time of attending the seminar as well as the name of the speaker.

  1. 11.  Create a list of top industry bloggers to follow

If you want your content to be shareable, create a list of top bloggers to follow because industry experts often share their good experiences. Include a link and an image of each top blog. It’s also good to follow those blogs on twitter. It may happen that bloggers will retweet your post once published.

  1. 12.  Write and publish an eBook

Writing an eBook isn’t tough, but needs your expertise of the topic as well as your writing skills. Publishing an eBook doesn’t need a publisher or spending more money. It’s simple to get your eBook published over World Wide Web and receive good response from the interested readers. Get help from Amazon and Blurb to create your eBook.

  1. 13.  Write a beginners’ guide

Beginners always hunt for some useful material to get started with their professional career. So, writing a beginners’ guide would be a useful strategy to successfully implement a content marketing strategy.

  1. 14.  Contact sales team for FAQs

Your sales teams know very well what the prospects ask. Ask them what questions they have to face while reaching the prospects and what answers satisfy them. It will help you to formulate a user-centred FAQ page.

  1. 15.  Present content in audio format

The content being created today is huge compared to that of past few years. It means you will have to create appealing and fresh content to grab the attention of the targeted customers. By turning your blogs into podcast, you will get more listeners because it facilitates the users regardless of their location.

  1. 16.  Present testimonials in video format

Customers spreading your business message are more helpful than you perform the promotion activities on your own. Get the testimonials of your customers in video form and wait for other prospects to contact you.

  1. 17.  Work on existing content

Gone are the days when little was better than more. Now, more content is considered good by Google to rank websites. It gives clear hint that content marketing would gain more advantage from Google’s new concerns.

If you already have a blog post carrying more than 1500 words, you can convert that into a white paper. What you need to do that is

  • – A cover page
  • – Table of contents
  • – Summary
  1. 18.  Create a list of top 10 blogs

You might read range of blogs in your routine life. If you think the blogs you read are of high quality, then there is nothing wrong to share them with others. By spreading others’ good work, you are actually getting good repute of your own.

  1. 19.  Meet up with decision makers

By meeting with decision makers face to face, you can increase your client base. You can also promote your meet up event on different websites like Meetup.com.

  1. 20.  Do guest blogging

After you become an expert of content marketing, you can write some excellent guest posts and submit them with top quality bloggers. Get yourself signed up with top blogs like BloggerLinkUp and MyBlogGuest, and meet with hundreds and thousands of bloggers.

How Did Content Marketing Become Miraculous For Businesses?

Not all organizations are going after content marketing. Content marketing needs more resources and more budgets, so only a wise approach can benefit a business in the long run. The given below stats reveal the miracles that content marketing has brought to some businesses.

  • > 97% rise in leads for Skytap
  • > 40% rise in the revenue of Distribion
  • > 81% rise in HubSpot’s revenue
  • > 1 million new visitors for KISS metrics
  • > 255% increase in traffic and doubled sales for Monetate

Not only the brands are seeing an increase in traffic, customers, and revenue, but content marketing has a wide range of other benefits as well.

  • > It adds trust and makes a business social.
  • > Same content can be promoted on several platforms, means less efforts, more benefits.
  • > Search engines give value to the keyword rich content.
  • > Unique content, specific to one website.
  • > Low cost to bring targeted traffic at a website.

HubSpot has revealed some interesting stats about business websites where the content was upto 1000 words; they received 600% more leads.

Measuring Success

After knowing the useful ideas to create content, it might be a challenge for you to measure the success of your content marketing efforts. Here are the points to consider for measuring your content-based success.

  • > Website traffic (organic and mobile)
  • > Visitors’ engagement (page views, time spent on the website and the bounce rate)
  • > Social aspects (shares and the comments)
  • > Conversion rate (sign-ups for newsletters, downloading content, conversions)

Concluding Lines:

Content marketing is at the budding stage and has been accepted by the marketers from across the globe. It is very right to say that if any business is ignoring content marketing, it means the business isn’t equipped with strong weapons to fight against the tough opponents and claim success.

To support any online business, the content should be created like some fresh piece and be accepted by the targeted audience. Only creative content can help in attracting visitors, bringing social shares, quality links, and higher revenue.

Content marketing is a low cost strategy to promote a business and to earn big bucks. Have you tried that? If not, get started now and if yes, share your experience in the comments below.

This post is written by Emma Jones, a well-known writer, working with a reputed SEO company in Edinburgh, also offering SEO services in Glasgow. Emma has the latest knowledge of the Glasgow SEO industry, so she writes what readers actually want to read. The best thing about her is, she doesn’t write just because of profession, but because of passion that she has for writing since her childhood. Join me on facebook

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