A Guide to Adding Fresh Content To Your Site

We are constantly reminded of the importance of having high quality content and adding it to our websites regularly. Without a plan to add content a website can become stale and not only is this unappealing to our human visitors but the search engines prefer those pages that are packed full of useful and authoritative content too. It is your most recent content that will usually get the most attention, but most sites have evergreen content that visitors keep returning to, whether they be new visitors or returning ones.
Search engines typically adopt the position that new, fresh content is better for their users and this is what companies like Google are looking to offer their users – a fresh and top quality experience. By providing up to date information and relevant content, provided by authoritative websites they can ensure that users are getting the most benefit from the results pages that they display.

The more content you add, the more keywords will be included on your website. The days of keyword stuffing pages are long gone and by adding blog posts or other forms of content regularly you can attract highly targeted visitors thanks to the large amount of longtail keywords that are introduced to your website. Write naturally but, by all means, look to include some of your most important keywords in unique phrases.

Your website content doesn’t just provide value on the pages of your website – it can also become the cornerstone of a powerful and effective marketing strategy. Your best content can be rewritten and reworked before being syndicated and shared with bloggers, other website owners, and on other websites. This allows you the benefit of being able to attract new clients and visitors to your site as well.

Visitors will deem you to be an authority on a subject if you offer them dozens or hundreds of pages filled with quality content on a particular topic. This authoritative status means that they will be more inclined to buy products or pay for services from you and your business. They will listen to your marketing message and even become brand ambassadors for your business.

If a visitors notices that you post content updates regularly then they will be more inclined to subscribe to your feeds, register for blog updates, and become a member of your newsletter. They will bookmark your page, link to it from their own social media network, and effectively do a lot of marketing on your behalf. In the modern search engine arena, these are considered effective social media ranking factors and can further help your marketing efforts.

Leave comments open and encourage user participation in the topics and discussions that you start. They will become more heavily involved which further increases the chances of turning a lead into a conversion and it also means that your website will appear more authoritative to others, you will enjoy additional crowdsourced content, and you can provide a high quality and even enjoyable experience for all that visit the pages of your site.

This article has been written by Richard Hartley, Head of Strategy at Big Red Rocket.

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