A Design Update for Andy Kinsey Designs

Ok, look it’s not often I will shamelessly plug my web design and graphic design services and website without a good reason, today is no different. Today I’ve release what would technically be v9.7 of andykinsey.co.uk
The release is an iteration of the former site based upon user testing and feedback.

The new site offers more information than the previous site design and also puts the services at the heart of the website, not the case studies as previously. The reason for the services being promoted is users said that they visited the site looking for a particular service but couldn’t find it easily enough and it was only through persistence that they found the right page. So now all of the main services are listed on the homepage, with case studies listed in the footer, as has the new portfolio page. Contact details (except social media) have now been moved to their own page, again linked from the footer. The site also no longer uses lightbox as an engine to show larger versions of a give image, instead more textual content is on the site with clearer links to the websites and services dotted throughout the content.

manchester web designer and graphic designer

As you can see from the above, I’ve changed to heading font to catch the eye of the user whilst maintaining the look of the header such that previous visitors do not think this is another companies website.

I have also, as you see, included a slider at the top which in future will be used to promote new services in addition to websites which have recently been launched. If you visit the site you will see that to make it more eye catching there is a slight delay between the image changing and the text on the right.

Finally on the front page you will see from the two images above that I have kept the 2 col structure on the homepage, the images are service based and as you hover you will see a small text description of that service. These lead to more structured service pages, such as the web design page and logo design page where as you will see there is more information and details on contacting myself.

Let me know what you think of the latest update 🙂

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