You Can Be A Winner, If You Get The Timing Right

24 Hour news is a pain in the backside, it repeats the same old stories hour after hour. But aside from that annoying factor, if you consider what they talk about in general and how they do it, then apply it to your online marketing you could be onto a winner. You could be this spaceman riding a unicorn through an awesome rainbow, the saviour of your world and driver of business.
the magic spaceman unicorn combination

How to Become an Online Marketing Spaceman

Timing is everything in online marketing, it’s no good writing about an event 6 months after its happened when another event has already taken place too… so there is no point in me writing about the Google Caffeine from years ago, who’d be interested in that today unless it was linked to another more up to date story? No one.

But if you get the timing right you can be an online marketing hero. Lets take Gary Vaynerchuck, a real online marketing spaceman – he probably has an army of unicorns if I’m honest.

He started out online with Wine Library, he made an online video show about Wine and it took off! Since then he’s gone from strength to strength and is now known around the world as a global online marketer, who packs a damn good righthook! But why am I talking about him?

As part of his work he still pushes on Wine Library, he posts blogs that are insightful, funny and that sell! But more than anything they are timely… and as Gary shows you can take hints from the news rather literally…

Taylor Swifty Removes Her Music From Spotify

taylor swifty spotify

In this post Gary and his team talk about the news story and then talk about various wines and how they can relate to the situation – it’s brillant writing and timing.

“Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods yet?”
No, Tay. We’re not. And it’s basically your fault. But we have this awesome, oaky Rioja to help us deal with it. Which is kind of like drinking Out of the Woods instead of listening to it on Spotify.

As you can see a news story that is lingering on the web can be a perfect reason to write an article and get some coverage, this post right now (6th Nov 2014) has hundreds of social shares and no doubt wine buyers.

Wine and Candy The Perfect Mix

wine and sweets, trick or treat

It’s trick or treat season, and the team at Wine Library again prove that timing is everything. Posted just before halloween this article talks about the perfect combinations of sweets and wine, why wouldn’t you!

The point here is that you don’t need a news story to find the perfect timing for writing a post, if you’ve a seasonal event, get on board and see what you can make out of it. Even simple ideas like this post can deliver huge rewards.

When Should You Post?

Depending on your audience this may vary slightly, but many pieces of reasearch show the same kind of thing. As the graph below shows this is when people read blogs, you should therefore (in theory) want to release in the quarter before and then promote during that target period.

when do people read blogs

Interestingly, most shares on social media (such as facebook and twitter) take place on a Saturday – regardless of what day you release a post. This could extend the life of most normal posts beyond a few days, or ensure your article goes viral if you post on that most active day, this said competition is high so it must be awesome! (like the Taylor post).

Being honest, there is no perfect time to post – anyone claiming 3pm on a tuesday is the best time for everyone is Bull Sh*tt*ng you – you will have a perfect time for your audience but you will only find it through experimentation and watching your analytics.

This said, timing is everything, latching on just at the right point in a news cycle or seasonal event can drive huge amounts of traffic to your blog and increase sales. Finding relevant news stories isn’t hard to do, look around social media of your audience what are they talking about and how can you use that and have some fun with it.

Image: Astronauts and Unicorns

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