Does Sex Sell Online?

Last week I posted an article about an acronym, namely BOOBS, the post itself didn’t cause upset but the image used with it did. The image was selected on purpose as a trial / experiment to see what the reaction would be, and whether it is true that “sex sells”.
Don’t bother looking for the image, its already gone.

The myth is that sex does sell (see the below slideshow for reasons), but the reality is that it doesn’t – as this experiment in 2005 shows (download it here). And my own experiment also showed this with about half the number of visitors coming to the blog that normally would, despite the discussion over the image in use.

All my experiment did was to upset some people, anger others and make less people than usual visit the blog. Since changing the image, yesterday, the number of visitors have gone up to normal levels.

If you want to read more about sex not selling read this post by bidwellid.

The myth that sex does sell
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