I’ve Got a Brain Tumour, It’s Called Sid – Here’s What It Means For You

As the title says, “I’ve got a Brain Tumour, and it’s name is Sid”.

I know it’s not what you normal read on my blog, hell it’s not really what people discuss – even if you have a Brain Tumour, it’s often something you keep to yourself or within a small circle. It does feel odd that I am here talking openly about my tumour.

However, having announced the news that I was to stand down from my local councillor role a few weeks ago some clients and potential clients have had some questions and I wanted to answer them openly – as I know these are questions many will have.

In short, it won’t hugely. 

Sid – he’s called that mainly because I’ve never known anyone called Sid and it’s short enough that it’s funny (at least in my mind) and I can swear at it a lot when it causes me pain – causes me migraines 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Think of your standard migraine on steroids and then add a bit more and you may get towards where my migraine is at on a daily basis. But the good news is that my migraines are fairly stable, I am used to them and I can work – even though it’s like Thor is throwing his hammer around my head.

With other symptoms too such as fatigue and visual issues, it can mean that I will need time off that is unplanned – however I do plan contingency time into my working month and it won’t affect my work with you as a client. In addition to this should your work be affected by such time off or my health, I will always be open with you and talk to you as soon as possible.

Thor Image via ComicVine

What will change for clients?

Pretty much nothing is changing for clients or will for future clients. 

My work load will change and the hours I work will change, mainly as I change the priorities in my life towards my health. This means that whilst I may have previously worked for 40 days straight previously on my own for some clients launching a product to ensure huge success, this won’t be the case in the future as I look to ensure stress and fatigue are kept to a minimum. I am sure this is something clients will understand. This doesn’t mean I wont be working hard and taking on challenging projects, it’s just a change in how they will be approached.

If you have any questions about this do please get in touch, as always.

Will I be posting brain tumour blogs?

I’ve been asked a fair bit will I be keeping folks updated with my brain tumour and the answer is yes.

I am working with my friends over at Cancer Warriors UK to pull together the best way of doing this, hopefully you will like what we come up with and not only will it give you an update on my journey as it unfolds but be informative for those on this journey too or a similar journey or around this journey. I’m keenly aware that life with a brain tumour doesn’t just affect one person but many many others, the aim in what we are looking to produce over time is to help the whole community not just a single segment.

Further Reading About Brain Tumours

With each update I want to recommend a single ‘go to’ recourse I’ve really enjoyed recently that’s helped me or I think will help others get to grips with.

The first book is, Brain Tumours: Living Low Grade by Gideon Burrows (who himself has a brain tumour). This fairly short read is about the journey from initial diagnosis to getting to grips with the news and beyond, and in this case how low grade tumours can change your life potentially with never having treatment or indeed some day having treatment – life as low-grade is having that unknown hanging over you.

This book is available on kindle and in paperback.

If you’d like to learn more about Gideon and read his blog, you can do so at ngomedia.org.uk/tumourist

If you’ve got a question I’ve not answered click the get in touch button at the top of this page, I can’t promise to answer all questions but I will do my best.

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