6 Awesome Content Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

It is very important to make a right buying decision at the right time. Wisely chosen content strategy can help your online business to generate more leads, conversions and ROI. Thus the tools for content marketing are extremely necessary to make the strategy efficient. These 6 tools are combination of unique features and functionality that help marketers to achieve the desired outcome.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics. Every marketer knows this tool. Should know, at least, and use it regularly. There is no point in having a website, and moreover, creating some ad campaigns for it, and not to analyze the performance, user data and ROI afterwards. The simplest analysis includes traffic and audience overview, bounce rate, time on site, pages per visit and traffic acquisition. It gives you valuable knowledge on who visits your website, what kind of user experience they get, what they do on your website, where they come from and in what quantities. If something is wrong with the website or your promotion of it – you will see it at this stage.

Tip:set the goals. You should know what actions you expect from your visitor, and what is considered a conversion for you. By setting goals for these actions or pages, you will always have informative data on how good those goals are achieved.

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Simply Measured

SimplyMeasured you evaluate your business social media performance at the nine different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. The wide range of reports helps to find the major sources of traffic to the website, the most engaging platforms and those that drive the most sales. The impact of followers, fan page, engagement etc. on these platforms is also analyzed.

Tip:don’t look just on how you perform on different platforms. Watch and analyze your competitors, too! SimplyMeasured allows this even on a free trial.


Jing is a free tool will allow you to capture images and record videos on your system. This content can be shared to anyone through email, social media sites and several other platforms or even embed them to your blog or website. You can capture anything with just one click. It is even possible to share videos of your screen at the speed of your conversation.

Tip: when you need to emphasize some point on an image, you can add arrows, highlights, textbox right to your screenshot.


Whether you are a marketer, agency, publisher or advertiser, BrightInfo has something to offer to you. The tool is able to discover, differentiate and analyze your content, profiling a prefect visitor for you in real time. Tool offers marketers to grow online conversions thanks to user engagement with customized content (ebooks, whitepapers, webinars) and improve customer retention.

Tip:the tool transforms an anonymous web surfer into the customer you know personally with the data that customer gives you for access to unique content. If it sounds not impressive enough, you can (and should) always use analytics tool to see how effectively user interacts with your content.


TweetDeck is a powerful tool is designed for users who have to manage multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously. It can schedule tweets, track brand mentions, favorites, search results, direct messages etc. It is ideal for real-time tracking and organizing different Twitter profiles.

Tip:you can use the web, chrome and desktop app which enable to receive & send tweets, view profiles effectively.



Marketo is actually much more, than a content marketing tool. It is a complex platform to manage all marketing stages: from generating demand and driving sales to building relationships with the customers, maximizing their lifetime value.

Tip: with the Customer Engagement Tool you can manage and track the results for complex marketing efforts in all channels: social media, email marketing, mobile, ad campaigns, using the most innovative technological solutions.

>Now, more marketers are showing their interest in using such tools. No doubt that understanding the features and functions of these tools can be the challenging for many users. But, when it comes to advanced content marketing solution, such tools help to great extent in achieving the company’s marketing goals.

Author: Nicole is a content strategist for educational websites and essay writing projects. Her area of interests includes, though not limited to online marketing, writing, and educational topics.

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