Essential Marketing Elements of Every Law Firm Web Site

Being a lawyer and providing legal counseling might sound a little drudged and full of tedious documentation. However, these facts do not exempt you from setting up a website for your law firm. A law website is as significant and equally effective as the website of any other service in a certain industry. If you are selling legal services, it is imperative that you understand why clients hire a law firm in the first place. Also, it would help a great deal, if you get an idea of what makes them decide upon a particular law firm. Clients constantly look out for legal services on the basis of subject matter expertise. This means that if they are facing an issue in their lives which comes under the category of civil law, they would want to consult an attorney having the expertise in that particular area. Same goes for real estate law, criminal law, DUI, personal injury law, social security law, family law and others. Therefore, you website should be like a bigger business card which imparts very clear and authentic information as to what is your area of expertise, how well you know your job and why they should choose you over the others.
Also, having a law website is a powerful way to boost your online presence as these days, people practically live half their lives on the internet, so it is natural that they would search your law firm first on the internet. Most of the people, who visit the website, form their opinions on the basis of the first impression. A poorly set up website which looks like it has lost its way is a sure shot way to turn off the customers and many a times visitors would take your law website on face value. Therefore, a good understanding of the requisites if an effective law website is mandatory. Here is what your law website must have:

Let Your Website Content Talk to Your Clients

Olshan Real Estate AttorneyThe content which you put up on your website must be able to establish a virtual conversation with the clients or potential clients. Do not be too much consumed with the keyword search and the tactics to make your law firm visible on the search engines. This means that your law website should possess the content which talks directly to its visitors and in a way lets them know that they would get their desired solution there.

Check out the content for “Olshan Real Estate Attorney” (right) & “Hanna & Van Atta”, you will the content style is friendly and to the point and not keyword focused. Such firms have their messages clearly communicated to their clients and potential clients by the means of their websites. So pay attention that the content is client oriented, and the rest would take care of itself.

A Section for PR Coverage

Now, let’s face it; we all are drawn towards the companies and firms which remain in the news most of the times. No matter how well a law firm is doing in the industry, if it does not come in the notice of the people as a very active and happening company, they usually start underestimating the efficiency of the same. For enhancing your portfolio and achieving the results you deserve for all your skill and hard work, it is important to maintain a news section which acts as the hub of all the news coverage you have got till date. Not only will the clients be updated as to what is your law firm up to, but would also be able to put their faith in your services in a better way.

Law Companies like “JMBM” & “Result You Deserve” (below) let their visitors know about them articulately by the Recent News section flashing right in front of the website.

SEO for Law Firms

Engagement Objects

Infographics for Law FirmsClients connect to those websites more effectively which are engaging and feed their senses. Adding visuals to your website is an excellent way to catch the customers’ attention and to maintain it. Info graphics is a brilliant way to put any content on the page of your website as it is not tedious, objective and colorful which makes people absorb its content without hitting boredom. For example, check out this example from ASB Law, which explains the concept of the digital revolution in the travel industry, almost everyone visiting their website would find the information useful and simple to understand.

Same is the case with “PriceInjuryLaw” (left) The ones who would visit the website would appreciate the content on benefits of hiring an injury lawyer given in the form of an info graphic which is both readable and interesting.

Videos are always successful in building that instant connect with the visitors of the website and make it more interesting and comprehensible. It is much simpler to understand the content of “Diamond & Associates” and “Tylden Law”, simply because they have sufficient videos to back up their website and do not rely on long content to communicate with their customers.

An Impressive Profile & Picture

AFG LAW ManchesterYou are selling your services to the world. So, you should better be well aware of how to market yourself. The golden rule of marketing and sales says that packaging should be equally impressive as the product; sometimes even more promising than the inside product! This means that, as an attorney, you must have an impressive profile which highlights your educational interface as well as talk about the achievements you have made till date as a lawyer.

AFG Law” (right),“Joey Gilbert” and “Mobasseri Law” are the examples of some neatly set up profiles which help the clients to know better about the lawyers and their skills and thereby enhance their trust in the services.

This is also a great place to put personal testimonials, as is shown in each bio of “Surratt Law” and “Manly Stewart Finaldi“.

How to Contact You

Nothing proves to be a bigger turn off for the visitors on a website than a lousy and clumsily built up page on How To Contact Us. The telephone numbers, email addresses, physical location address, fax numbers, website links and the links to social media pages must be absolutely correct and authentic. Do not make the mistake of putting up wrong information there. Also, in case there is a change in any of these contact details, be on your feet and update immediately. Else, it gives a really irresponsible and shabby impression of your law firm to the clients and potential clients. “SEQ Legal” and “Boughton Law” (below) with a completely accurate and easily accessible contact page are excellent examples of what kind of a contact page your law website could have.

easy to access contact information for users

A Relevant Home Page

Spanish Lawyers in the ukThe home page or front page of your website plays a vital role in telling the visitors if they have arrived at the right place. Some websites set up a front page which seems vague and is not all relevant to the content of the rest of the website at all. Have a front page which speaks about your vision and mission in the form of inspirational quotes. Keep the language of the website free of any frills and complexities. Let your home page sound reassuring and very confident about the services you provide. For example “Mc Farlin”, “RDT Abogados” (right) and “Lerman Law Partners” have their respective front pages set up effectively which speak about their practice areas, their visions and the message they intend to convey to their target audience.

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