Say Goodbye to 10 Persistent SEO Myths

SEO Myths are common place from the wrong type of links to keyword density issues to seo being a “one-time fix”. I gave a list of seo myths that should die but will not back in June 2010! A long time ago. I also in 2009, wrote about some Google Myths. Both interesting insights into the myths surrounding SEO back in those days.
Today I want to show you a recent video from @seomoz ‘s Rand Fishkin, if you are reading this then you may already know who he and SEOMoz are if not visit after watching the video.'t%20-%20Whiteboard%20Friday%20%7C%20SEOmoz&plugin%5Bsocialbar%5D%5Bversion%5D=v1&plugin%5Bsocialbar%5D%5Bbuttons%5D=embed&plugin%5Bsocialbar%5D%5Blogo%5D=true&plugin%5Bsocialbar%5D%5BtweetText%5D=&

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