How to “recover” from Google Penguin

It’s been little under a month since I last wrote about the Google Penguin Update, and although many of the shouty people have gone off there are still a few white hat SEO’s asking “how do i recover from penguin attack?”
The truth is that there are a few websites that have been innocently hit by this update. I’ve had contact with a few of them and checked what they say – it would seem they are right and that actually this is not a “anti spam penalty” but rather “spam prevention update”. This is to say that rather than a website receiving a penalty (a few have, but only if its clear they bought thousands of commercial links) website ranking is being decreased because the websites that link to them have been downgraded in ranking and authority, thus removing authority and ranking from the given website.

So many directories have been hit, article website again (as with Panda), scraper websites (yay) and well generally low quality sites. Many small business websites had lots of links from those types of websites and so lots of niche markets are being shuck up by this update, hence the moaning from those SEO’s.

When I saw the below infographic over at submitinme, I knew I had to share it. It’s a great way to say this is what those SEO’s need to do to recover and in the future. Feel free to share it.

how to recover from the google penguin update 2012
Do you have any tips on how to recover from Google Penguin?
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    1. There are 2 things here;1) you can link with direct terms, it’s fine but if all your links are like that it is clearly seen as spammy and not natural.
      2) just because you don’t link with those terms doesn’t mean you can’t rank with them. Link anchor text isn’t generally seen as an important factor in ranking for a term. Things like your page title, meta tags, page content, page structure etc – its generally your on page which will define the specific of your ranking for a term in combination with links, social and other factors.

      hope that helps

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