Search Optimisation vs Sponsored Links

Something I’ve banged on about since I first started working with SEO is that Pay Per Click (PPC) is less effective than SEO in giving real ROI.
PPC, are those “sponsored links” you see on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Lycos and even Facebook adverts are PPC. You pay for each click through and it can cost anything from a few pence to thousands of pounds in some industries.

The cost of PPC is huge and grows overtime to get the same number of visitors (shown below). The cost for SEO on the other hand, although starts larger will get lower over time and likely level out over time, but visitor numbers will continue to increase (shown below).

The infographic below shows why I will always promote SEO Services above PPC and why if you are paying thousands in PPC each month you should consider moving a proportion of that cost to SEO and get a more long term gain.

search optimisation vs paid advertising - seo andy manchester

2 Comments on “Search Optimisation vs Sponsored Links”

  1. Bullshit… Sorry, this is what you get when you ask an SEO person to make the battle. 
    SEO is very important, but I have an issue with all SEO people automaticly saying it is better than SEM. It is like comparing apples and pears. You only get good SEM, when you have done good SEO the most likly way to get a sale online, is when the customer have been though both SEM and SEO

    1. The reality is I agree to some extent. I actually hate PPC as its easy to spend lots of money for no reward because your website is simply crap.
      The reason I agree with you though is because once your site is SEO friendly, more improtantly user friendly and has some nice landing pages is that PPC can be then used and used really quite well.

      So yes PPC is something I dislike but it has its place in campaigns.

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