5 Ways to Optimise Your Pinterest Product Posts

When I wrote about How to use Pinterest to market your brandI looked at Pinterest from the view point of someone wondering why they should use Pinterest for marketing at all.
Today I want to take another view point, that is of someone who is already using Pinterest but wants to optimise Pinterest for both click through’s (to their own website) and optimise for search in general.

Pinterest Search Optimisation 2012

Pinterest is an addictive tool, it pulls you in by showing your pretty things and lets you share them with your friends. It lets you upload your own work and work you’ve found and you feel good when someone clicks like or re-pins your post … because you feel good you go back and do some more Pinteresting things.

Pinterest is an amazing utility tool for any business, but it is a fantastic small business SEO tool. Whack a product on that looks amazing, add a keyword loved description and a price tag and with a click or two you’ve not only a buyer but someone who has shared your item with their friends and possibly even more buyers! But that description, that price, that link are all key to the small business SEO and it’s where the bigger companies will miss out – they may upload every product but they won’t upload a great description showing a passion and they probably won’t include the price and they probably won’t be shared … boo hoo  for them… lets get to work, lets Optimise Your Pinterest Product Posts.

How to Search Optimise Your Pinterest Posts

Link Well
Linking well comes naturally to Pinterest, you add a pin via a URL and it will automatically link to that location – job done. But if you upload manually, remember to add a link, it can be as deep (as many layers down and long) as you wish and Pinterest will only show the first part of the link
(eg andykinsey.co.uk/my-work will become andykinsey.co.uk) …
and yes if you are an affiliate linker this means you can use affiliate links

Be Descriptive
Pinterest search is based on your description of a product and the keywords it see’s you using (for both e product and the board it’s on, thus pinning to an appropriately named board is always good). Also Pinterest is open, to some extent, to search engines, so make sure that you remember content is king. Write about your product and show your passion for the subject at hand.
Tip: Include your price (eg £5) and it will appear as a ribbon across your image everywhere, and it will appear in the gift sections of the site.

Organise Your Pin Boards
It sounds odd, if I hadn’t mentioned it above, but you need to really organise your pins. Don’t just upload a product photo and description and attach it to any board (say a Baby Clothing into a Landscape Photography board, i’ve seen it!). Think about what you are doing and why. If you organise well your products are more likely to be found both in search and by people just surfing pinterest.
(also you boards are categorised to make them easier to find so don’t mess around with it).
Tip: If you notice it’s in the wrong category or you’ve forgotten some detail you can edit pins, hover over the image and in the top left you will see edit.

Use Common Tagging Conventions
Pinterest as with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter use tagging conventions, such as the # Hashtag and @ namespace.
The hashtag (#) will pin that product to that keyword in a search (you can use lots or none or just one, hint hint). Using the hashtag will greatly increase the likely hood of you being found the the Pinterest search, though it is unclear of any impact in general search.
The namespace (@) will connect your post to another person you are following, you only have to follow one of their pin-boards to do this. If your product is designed by this person it’s a great way of saying “hi look we posted you information here” and they will hopefully re-pin and gain you lots of traffic, if not a credit shows some authority for your give product and subject matter.

Promote Your Pins Well
This is pretty standard convention on the web, if you blog or post photos etc but I just want to reiterate the importance of sharing what you post. Ok you’ve shared something on Pinterest but unless it gets some interest there it may not be found else where. So you should share it on Twitter, on Facebook and Google+ … drive traffic to your post get a conversation started on any platform about it and immediately people will go and visit your Pinterest post. Pinterest has a huge click-through rate so use it to turn potential into real customers. Which brings me onto 5a) link to pinterest on your website just like any other social media account and get people to follow you. Look its over there in my sidebar (oh and now below this point).

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These are my top tips for optimising your pinterest for search. If you have any tips leave a comment below.

Also leave a comment below telling us why you use Pinterest & tell us your username on pinterest so we can follow you 🙂


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