5 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rates

Is your website just not converting your visitors? If you’re struggling to convert then the “5 ways to increase your conversion rates” article maybe just the ticket for you. In the last of the 5 ways series of articles I will be examining 5 simple yet effective methods for increasing website conversion rates.
Before you read this you should probably know that testing is very important, test test and then test again! Whether it is A/B Testing or 100% variant testing (all or nothing) measure your changes and use the most effective for your audience, just because it works for one website doesn’t mean it will for another.

Unlike the other articles in this series these 5 ways to increase conversion rates below are in order of importance and are not random.

    The Headline
    By now you will be sick of hearing me go on about how important headlines are, but they really are vital. With around 75% of conversions resting on the headline it is very very important you get this right on every page. You can find out more by reading my “killer headlines” article.

    Call To Action
    Each page must have a clear call to action, a clear ask of the reader. It’s like if you are lobbying a politician, they may support you but without a direct ask of them or the local “power” then nothing will get done. Define you call to action, make it stand out and gain sales.

    Benefits and Concise
    As I’ve discussed previously discuss the benefits of a product or service and not it’s features. Also keep the content concise and to the point, no body wants to hear you waffle on, get to the point already – but obviously don’t be rude.

    Have a Short “gotcha” Lead-in
    No matter how great your website is you need a “gotcha” moment on each page, for some it’s the title – but more often than not you need one or two sentence at the start of a page to pull the reader further in an ensure they don’t go anywhere before converting. “gotcha”‘s can be as simple as describing a huge benefit very clearly, for example  “The easy way to improve online sales” its short and snappy but pulls the reader in. Not having one isn’t a disaster as Headlines have a similar role.

    Look Professional
    Whether you are IBM, Microsoft, Apple or the shop down the road when you are online you need to convey a specific and professional persona. If you do not appear to be professional your audience will immediately switch off and indeed will probably loose any trust they may have built in you. As is often the case with offline retail, a person may need to shop with you 100 times before they tell a single friend how great you are, but just 1 bad experience  and they are likely to tell 10 friends how bad the experience was. Keep everything perfect and how you would like to see it if you were a visitor to your website. Stamford University recently ran a study in which they found 46% of internet sales lost were due to pages “lacking a professional look”.

Further advice to increase conversions includes:

    Decrease Load Time

    Use Industry Graphics (such as VeriSign)

    Have Clear Images & Graphics
    (From logo to product they must be pristine)

    Renew all Meta Tags at least once every 6 months

    Make your site easy to navigate

    Renew your website design often

I could go on and on about how things can be improved on almost any website to increase conversions, but that would be a waste of time, a list is no good to anyone if things can’t be implemented. And what is more I am not a fan of throwing a 500 book at anyone saying “problems solved” because it’s not SEO is a journey and not a destination.

The real key as I implied at the top of this article is to test and test and test, exhaustive testing does not exist. Testing on website should never end, there are always improvements to be made as audiences change and evolve. Something someone expected on a website last year may differ to the same type of expectation today. For example in 1997 a grey background website with lime green writing was almost the standard, today it would make people run away (and cry maybe)… follow trends but improve on them where possible. Use your audience to find your way, ask for feedback and use test results correctly.

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