5 Ways to Improve Your Copy for A Prosperous 2011

I can hear the moans already of why am I mentioning 2011 already, when it isn’t even December yet. Well the answer is fairly simple. SEO is not something that will help overnight, what you implement today or this week may not have an effect for weeks on the search index, and this means changes to copy can take weeks and months to have an effect. So by starting to change your copy today you can help improve your revenue in the new year, whether you are an e-commerce website or your revenue is through an offline sale such as Web Design and Internet Marketing.
Some say copywriting is an art, some say it’s a science … my view is it is a bit of both. It is artistic because after you’ve done copywriting for sometime it will just flow, just like if you’ve been painting for a while it just flows. The scientific part of copywriting comes in the manner by which you must have certain aspects to the copy, and it is this science which the 5 tips below express.

    Have a Killer Headline!
    I won’t repeat my last post which was on this subject,
    click here to read 5 ways to create an amazing headline.

    Read Copy Aloud & Proof Read
    Reading copy aloud ensures that the copy sounds right and flows smoothly, you want this to be an interesting conversation with what you say interacting with the thoughts of your readers. In essence you want to answer their questions almost subconsciously. Proof reading means that you look professional, have no spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes. But don’t you just read it get family and friends to as well (or colleagues of course).

    Benefits are Not Features
    An average consumer of any product doesn’t care about what features a product has, they are likely to want it for just one or two things everything else is pointless information. Also if they have found a product or service via a search engine they will have generally searched for the features they are looking for so don’t repeat them (too much, just once is enough). Instead, focus on the benefits of this product over any other, whether that is another product on your website or on your competitions. A product is sold on benefits and not features. From this point you should also be writing from the customers point of view, write as though you are a customer, write what they want to hear and not what is in the manufacturers detailed product description.

    KISS Your Content
    “everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” said Einstein and he is right. Keep your content concise and to the point, do not talk about something no body wants to hear about. Don’t fill your copy with jargon that no one understands, especially outside of “your industry”, Keep It Simple Stupid!

    Offer Something EXTRA!
    This sounds quite simple but isn’t always. There are 2 ideas here: 1) your copy needs to be personal, you are having a conversation and not a rant nor giving a speech. 2) give your reader a reason to stay, put an offer above the fold to entice them, extra information is below the fold as this isn’t a primary selling area (above the fold is!). Doing these 2 things will keep the readers interest and ensure they have a reason to use you over your competition.

Ok, so 5 times turned into a few more really. Scratch the surface and everything has layers. Scratch the surface of content and you will see more layers than an onion has, you just have to put them in the right order!

If you’ve any questions about good copywriting practices (or maybe you want to hire me) tweet me @andykinsey, contact me or leave a comment below.

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