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As part of my work I am more and more being asked by local business owners (salons, cafés, estate agents, pubs and others) how they can be found by local people, tourists and far further afield other businesses.It used to be a simple tasks because you would “bid” on keywords … the trend wasn’t ever until recently to use terms such as “in xyz” or “near xyz” at the end of the search. But since early 2009 with Google wanting to “localise” search this has become an overwhelming trend.Take for example a client I am currently working with … they search the terms “marketing in xyz” and I am top of the local map for this (which in some search are currently placed above organic and below sponsored search results). So by what means can you get to use such maps of local business… well its simple … hop over to the Local Business Centre on Google – bing has one coming online soon too …Once your location and business is claimed you must verify the location (generally by post). Your listing then appears on the searches where appropriate.If you have any questions or wish to go further than this listing for your local marketing leave a question below and/or hire me

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  1. Wish i had seen your blog before i got talked into taking a website with yell/hi bu as they are now known.This is the biggest waste of money i have made since starting up.The website is at best plain and trying to get them to change or amend anything on it is a nightmare.The same is true of Thompsons.Both use high pressure sales tactics and make lots of promises and claims that they dont live up to.When you complain they brush you off or try to sell you something even more expensive that they claim will solve your problems.
    May be these products do work for big businesses but they certainly do not for small ones or soletraders and they are very expensive.You will be lucky if you even get enough trade from them to pay for themselves!!!Whats more unless you can afford to pay up front for them you are forced to pay over 12 months for nothing as they will not cancel the contracts once you have signed.Its all in the small print that you did not read!!!

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