10 Web Design Rules for SEO

Over the past few months I’ve preached about breaking the rules of design. I’ve spoke of how “normal” is boring and how sometimes just sometimes breaking the rules makes for a perfect website. Well this post is pretty much summing up the web design do’s and dont’s in terms of SEO … again these rules are here to be broken but most designers and developers won’t (usually with good reason).

Designs should be Clean and Simple – this does not mean it needs to be boring!

Avoid Splash Pages – these annoy people and can stop you being indexed by Search Engines.

Limit usage of Flash – it takes time to load and isn’t indexable.

Don’t (totally) re-invent the wheel of navigation – people need to know where things are.

Clever White Space – white space is your friend not your enemy, use it wisely.

Break it Up – break long pieces of text with images to elaborate your subject.

Use ALT tags – easy to use and amazing for SEO.

Layout and Design are a Constant – your layout shouldn’t change without good reason.

Clean the Code – ok not really design but clean code means faster loading.

Remove Distractions – anything flashing or distracting will draw the user away and search engines.

Pretty simple to follow I think, but then when you know how a lot of things are easy.

If you have any design rules to add to this list simply leave them below or tweet me @andykinsey and I will add them.

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