3 Link Strategies for all sites

When optimising a website links are one of the first things that may cross your mind. There are a few types of links that you will come across, whether by normal text hyperlink or image linking these types of links stay constant… but can be easily mis-understood by alot of website owners (hence my writing this article).

    One Way Links – This is a simple link from A to B, when B doesn’t link back to A.

    Two Way (Reciprocal) Links – This is when both A and B link to each other.

    Variant / Multiple Linking – This is where A will link to B and B to C, then C links back to A (in general).

In terms of SEO one way links beat two way and variant linking methods, however this is not always true. For example if a blog is mentioning another article and links to it and the other site mentions the first site a few months later (its not two way) but is as good as a one way link. … seo is odd like that!

An important thing to remember with link strategies is that search engines will see your ip, your geolocation and if they are the same are likely to ignore or not rank the links so much… for example a site from http://www.seoandy.net to http://andykinsey.co.uk (just relaunched) will not have as much rank as from an external site such as http://twitter.com/andykinsey because they are on the same IP address… and so related.

Almost 50 Days down 37 til Christmas …can you afford to start you new year without XMASSEO?

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