The Website Owners Role

Ok so I took the idea of the title from the Website Owner’s Manual, written by Paul Boag … an awesome read and recommended whether your a developer, designer, seo or indeed as it says a website owner.
Its also the title of the book and what I’m considering to be missing content that has lead to my writing this article on what exactly a Website Owners role along side and SEO specialist is. Paul talks about what you can do to perform various SEO strategies on your site (pg 217 onwards), and thats fine… if your tech savvy enough to be developing the site yourself. However more likely than not you will want to consider consulting or employing the services of an SEO such as ourselves.

Also another more important reason for this article is that both AK Designs and you (the client) want the most from your site, so here are 5 tips as to what you can do to help your SEO expert.

1 – Trust Your SEO

Unless you were plucky enough to take a stab in the dark and chose the first company you came to on the internet or in the yellow pages then you will have done some half decent research into who you want to work with. Either that or your SEO will have come recommended from a friend of some kind! You should have a great trust in your SEO for the above reason alone, however consider this… if you don’t trust them, why are you working with them?

A good Website Owner / SEO Client will be willing to take a step back, understanding that their SEO knows best as this is their specialist field.

2 – Measure Results, Not Rankings

This is often something website owners don’t quite grasp… so here it is simply.

Just because you have a high “PageRank” or some kind of other Search rank means nothing… ok so you’re trusted, and you’re getting the footfall but what good is it if your not getting conversions of that footfall? None! … If all you want is footfall then maybe you should consider another role which isn’t being the website owner because you clearly don’t want the most from your site!

3 – Ask Questions

AK Designs like most great web agencies is an open book. We actually want your questions, we want to you question what we are doing and how we do it… the more you question us the more we think and more importantly the more we improve (and so will your results). AK Designs have no secrets from our clients, nor do we have the world, hence this website sharing what many consider to be “secrets of the trade”.

We want your questions… So ask them Today!

4 – Be Involved

Website Owners should be involved in every step of the SEO process, from planning to implementation the owner/client should be involved. From day one you should work with your SEO to decide what audience your targeting, which keywords/phrases would suit them and if your call to actions also suit this audience. A website owner should also be involved in the writing of content, copy writing is a team effort of an SEO and the Client (and or the company as a whole). Further to this you should be involved in the link building strategies and implementation, as should the rest of the company!

If your not involved you could be seen as “just another pay cheque” to some agencies, this means they are less likely to give you everything they have to make the best of your site.

5 – Pay on time

This is pretty self explanatory, but I feel I need to mention this point. If you go with a freelancer (as I once was) then this point is very important, but its also just as important to an agency with multiple clients. Your SEO is working hard for you and your site, giving you a pretty high return on investment (ROI) … so in not paying them or paying late you are giving them reason to not try so hard in the future and so you are potentially stopping the growth of your website and company.

If you’d like to know more about what we do then please feel free to contact us.

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