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After what I must say 3 days of hellish stress, if i’m honest I didn’t really feel like writing an article today.  However, my friend Sarah has written an article in my place. So I hope you enjoy this, please do leave your comments & follow @GCUKassist.

How can you talk to hundreds of thousands of people including celebrities without leaving your house? Twitter of course!

Twitter is one of the most used web phenomena that has captured the attention of so many people using 140 characters to blog comments and issues that affect them and what things they are thinking.

It has been the centre of all social networks, it is the daddy of them all in pro-actively mini-blogging news. You can gain so much information on a huge variety of things by following different people. Now that a collection of celebrities ranging from singers to sportsmen and artists to actors are on Twitter we can now enjoy talking to and reading their messages.

Having contact with these types of people makes things easier for us normal people to raise awareness of things for charity. For example if you are campaigning for or against something you could ask a celebrity to support it. As long as they believe it is a good cause they will RT (retweet) the message and they can potentially thousands of supporters for the cause. It is amazing and it actually works.

Beverley Knight and @bibiccharity

One really important person that is a semi-celeb is Janis Sharp:

Her son Gary McKinnon has Aspergers Syndrome like me and Janis is a great person to get involved with because she cares about sufferers on the spectrum. She has done a hell of a lot of campaigning for her son in the recent months/years to try and get people to understand Aspergers and what it is like. I myself have told my favourite celebrities, via Twitter, about my Aspergers and they all seem to be comfortable with it and accept it.

The other thing with celebrities once they are on Twitter is you see them in a different light. Before Adam Woodyatt and Beverley Knight were on there I had always said I liked their artwork/music, but being able to chat to them is a totally whole new and exciting story. They are both polite and frankly very funny to chat to! It gives fans a real sense that the celebrities are actually pretty normal people and that is a very important thing.

Twitter is so friendly it is untrue and it is largely to do with the nature of the site. People Tweet useful and interesting/exciting things. I think it is an amazing idea and I hope whatever happens with Twitter over the next few years will send it into the history books as being the most informative blogging tool on the net.

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