SEO Short-Hand Explained

It’s always bugged me how people “in the know” speak in particular lingo… they jargonise what they say to make life as hard as possible for “outsiders” who want to just get a little information to understand something. As you will have noticed from most of my posts I try to avoid jargon like the plague and if I really need to use it will explain it in simple terms too. Anyway this week I was upset by a few posts I’ve found (I won’t name names though) … So I got to thinking about what SEO terms are commonly used in the trade but probably aren’t understood by the average website owner or user. Today I want to share some of the list with you:

    SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

    SEM – Search Engine Marketing

    SERP – Search Engine Result Page

    ROI – Return On Investment

    PL – Paid for Links

    PPL – Pay Per Lead

    ISP – Internet Service Provider

    CSS – Cascading Style Sheet

    HTML – HyperText Markup Language

    PPC – Pay Per Click

    CPM – Cost Per 1000 Clicks

    CTR – Click Through Rate

    CPA – Cost Per Aquisition

    SSI – Server Side Includes

    SSL – Secure Sockets Layer

    PFI – Pay For Inclusion

    DR – Data Range

    B2B – Business 2 Business

    B2C – Business 2 Consumer

    DTC – Direct 2 Consumer

    IBL – InBound Links

    WYSIWIG – What You See Is What You Get

    KW – KeyWord

    -KW – Negative KeyWord

Hopefully this covers most of the short-hand we use in SEO. I’m sure there are more floating around, if you find one feel free to comment it below.

One Last Thing
I would like to mention that BoagWorld (a PodCast / Blog for Website Owners) has posted my article on “hiring an SEO” – so headover there to leave a lovely comment … or to keep the¬†argument¬†flowing there seems to be going.

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