Ok so I’ve been playing in Google Labs for some time… I say playing because unless your GMail (Google Mail) most of the things in the Labs are fun and will never “graduate” into the real world of Google… or do they?
Basically the Labs are a place where small projects (generally projects attached to something google does, though sometimes totally new and fun) go to grow, play and be tested by a lot of Geeky Techies … Like Me. In essence it is a testing ground before the “big-time”.

So… over the past few days and weeks I’ve been playing with quite a few little things from Labs… and I want to share just one or two with you:


    Similar Images – Ever wondered who took your image / graphic, but didn’t want to trawl the net yourself. Or maybe you have an image of something with something missing and want to get the full picture… Well give this a try.

    News / Latest Updates – Timelines are awefully useful & I use the one in the lastest google update (Caffeine) on a regular basis… so they are playing around and we now have a new stream type thing … one problem is unless you have a nice bandwidth it maybe slower than desired.

Many of you will know I own a G1 (my Google Phone / … as i call it … “googie”) so I like playing around with apps from developers I know, messing with the code etc… but lately google has come up with some nice ideas.

    Tracking Yourself – want to see where you’ve been? lost your phone or had it stolen and want to find it… if you left GPS on this is for you… nice app … almost as nice as latitude … with one advantage, it will log where you have been.

    TwiDroid – Ok this isn’t a labs app …but it is an android app… but I use it lots and its awesome, I use it whenever I’m on the road or just am too lazy to load up the site on my computer. Recent updates have made it much easier and faster to use, attach images with ease to a number of outlets, read @replies or DirectMessages etc… or just check your timeline of friends… TwiDroid is amazing! Go check it… its FREE.


    Google Gravity – Ok so not strictly a labs, but an experiment of Google Chrome (which I suggest you all get as it is simply an amazing browser) … if you don’t have chrome installed it won’t work sorry… but if you have it you will love this (try a search on the floor) … and here are the other Chrome Experiments.

These are just a few of many Labs… Google, Bing (formerly MSN), Yahoo and others have a large Labs base…. if you have a fravourite App for your Android / Iphone or your have a little Lab you want to share please let us know below 🙂

Written by Andy Kinsey SEO Consultant
For over ten years I have been working with all kinds of clients big and small, start ups to multi-nationals, helping them to make the most of their online assets and ensure they can grow.