Sometimes We FailWhale

We at AK Designs (soon to be Design4Eva) would like to apologise for some recent issues we have had with our services.
During the past few months we have overcome various issues based around issues of scale. This basically means we haven’t managed to deal with demand. We have failed on two fronts mainly:

    High Visitor Numbers – This may not sound like an issue, and generally it isn’t. But as we have grown so have visitor numbers, and due to some server issues (see below) our site has sometimes crashed, and rarely some of our client sites also have. In general our uptime is 99% due to our SLA with our providers.

    Server Issues – We love being upto date, but sometimes our innovation stings us in the tail. Recently we have began running some new scripts within various websites, and as always we have teething issues with one or two of them… indeed we have no shame in admittance of a few run away scripts that have caused limited server crashing (aka some types of script stopped working for an hour). These scripts have also meant a few websites we are developing are behind schedule and for this we can’t apologise enough to our clients.

So what are we doing about our problems?

    Clouding Up – we have started integration into “the cloud” … well our cloud really… we now operate across multiple servers, if one fails the others will take up the slack. Also this means we have much more capacity to deal with high demand of visitor numbers and various script resources.

    We have began working on a change in code base – this means we are innovating and moving forward. This code base will be fully tested by the web community before we launch it to ANY client sites … it will not effect any current clients until much later this year.

    We are expanding … AK Designs are evolving into Design4Eva … we are taking on staff in quite large numbers and centralising efforts to keep our clients as happy as possible.

    We’re also doing some other secret stuff to ensure we have no problems in the future.

Once again I would like to apologise for the issues mentioned above and a few other slightly less important issues. If you have any questions or comments please do leave them below or contact us.