5 Steps to PPC Success

Back to the series of how to Get to number one on Google … and I know somethning of a myth I want to share with you… Using PPC can and will effect your search rankings …

Dispelling the myth: PPC, whether Google Adwords or not, does not and will never effect your search engine ranking results.

So with that sorted I here you ask why am I writing this article… well the answer is quite simple. Since september I’ve put this off, PPC is something that requires a lot of experience to comment on properly. It requires a real in depth knowledge to be able to share the secrets of PPC. I’ve supplied clients with Google Adwords, Yahoo Services and more recently Live Adwords (now bing) over the past few years, i’ve never given away any real information about how it works nor how best to approach Pay Per Click advertising… until today. Today I give you… the 5 SIMPLE steps to PPC Success.

Lesson 1 – Learn and refer to the Google Adwords Learning Center … its pretty much the holy grail of Pay Per Click advertising. It will take you through everything you need to know and a little bit more besides.

Lesson 2 – Research is paramount to success, this is not just an hour looking at what others are doing, its an on going process that you should eventually be doing subconciously. Much like an SEO will make judgements within seconds of landing on a web page as to whether it is a good page for seo, you should be able to tell when you do a search on google how much its costing, if its successful and more. Look for good, cheap and more so effective keywords that are commonly used and will drive traffic.

Lesson 3 – Never run on autopilot… if your silly and want to loose thousands of pounds a day on non-existant traffic… feel free too, if you want to be successful then control everything you can. AP is fine in some smaller cases where the monthly limit is a couple of hundred, with bigger clients this can lead to disaterous results and the client walking away with a 20k hole in thier pocket (he says having just read a few case studies of what not too do!).

Lesson 4 – Brand Name bidding is stupid… people know who you are so don’t do it, and don’t do it on someone elses name… its not worth the hassle it can cause. People know who you are, they know your brand name and trust it so stop wasting your money on this futile bid for success.

Lesson 5 – Finally, Update Update Update… gradual changes are the major key to success each day or even hour tweek your keywords & bids, find the most effective schedule, keywords and more so those which give you most conversions. (Another error is pulling reports on CTR and not on conversions as you should be doing!) Conversions are the ultimate, without them you are wasting your money

Lesson 6 – Yes thats right I lied… just like the majority of people who call you up asking if you would like PPC. Lesson 6 is simple … PPC should ONLY be used in line with good seo, where you are in a HIGHLY competitve market and may struggle to get to number one on google.

So there it is … fairly simple right… well it can be if you get it right or choose the right SEO firm to help you on your way.

Anything else? mmmmm well yes but lets just say giving away too much drives clients away.

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