Laying the Foundations of Success

All search engines like to get to know each and every website in various stages.
Stage One is the sandbox, whether you submit a site or you are found by a search engine via a link you will find yourself in the sandbox. The Sandbox is a “holding pen” for new sites, it allows the search engine to look at your site, profile it a little and find if there are a few links floating around. It can take sometime to do so it can take a while for you to get out of the Sandbox. Time scales are from just 14 days to 6 months for some search engines. During this time you shouldn’t expect your site to achieve too much, there won’t be much improvement in ranking if any – but you will find yourself in the search rankings (in most cases). Whilst in the sandbox you should be laying the foundations for the rest of your Search Engine works.

Laying the Foundations

There are a few things you should consider whilst in the sandbox of any search engine;

    Find your feet – Do the research, set you page themes correctly, set your keywords and descriptions (dont forget the title tags).

    Begin to find links, ask your friends and family… oh and link bait on your blogs if possible.

    Embed analytics into your site… one two even 3 packages … most are free!

    Ensure your pages have a nice structure, … heading, sub head, paragraph and so on.

    Ensure your site is validating.

    Ensure all pages on your site have at least one link from somewhere else on your site.

    If possible create a sitemap (xml) and submit it to search engines.

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