The Golden Ration – CTS

I am always going on in my articles about how “Content is King” and that “SEO is a Journey, Not a Destination”. However, recently i’ve come to be harassed by a certain SEO issue… The Content To Sh*t (CTS) Ratio!
CTS can be explained quite simply. CTS is the ratio of real “meaningful” content to coding crap (which yes does all the work on the site but does nothing for SEO!).

Over the past few weeks I have seen sites with ratios as low as 0.001% and as high as 100% (admittedly the later was myself testing the theory). Oh and I should also add here that if you site is only flash – with no alternative content – then you can end up with a negative ratio, generally this means you are seriously going to struggle to get any kind of search ranking.

Neither of these two extreme situations will be good for Search Engine Optimisation. So ‘what is the Golden Ration?’ Well in truth there is no single number that is the magic that means your site will gain higher search rankings than your competitors. There is however an ideal range, an adequate range and a meh it’s ok range.

The Ranges:
Meh it’s ok this is between 2 and 5 % …. and 20 to 25%.
Adequate – this is between 5 and 7 % …. and 13 to 19%.
Ideal – this is between 8 and 12%.

Now measuring the CTS is not a science, which explains why these ranges are quite broad. However, the theory behind it is proven by my own testing & from case studies I have read (i will post links to these in my next post).

The method to cut down this rubbish fairly simple.

    If you can externalise sections of code, do so!
    This means PHP/JavaScript/CSS

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