Exploit Twitter – Top Ten Rules

So you will have heard of the craze that is twitter and how it can effect the success of your business. But people fall down on success through twitter for the most trivial issues, such as not selling in 140 characters.
So Heres 10 rules for exploiting twitter:

Connection – twitter is about networking, reply to your followers questions, as questions and generally just communicate.

ReTweet interesting tweets from people you follow.

ReTweet links of interest.

Expand your following to include reputable persons in your market niche.

Listen to others & give helpful tips if possible.

Don’t sell until you are credible (aka have a nice following).

Do not contastly sell, interact with the network you have created.

Be cheeky and as for a ReTweet (RT) if your post is good!

Relax, tweets are your friends and here to help.

Finally and most importantly… remain active. Tweet Often.

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