Copy is your salesman, make it pay

Believe it or not, copy is read by your readers …see you are reading my copy!… and copy is what sells your services.
No really, it is. 

When you visit a website in order to purchase a product or service, you want to be assured the company is professional, of high a high skill level. If that wasn’t enough the visitors are also looking for that personal touch, and looking for honesty… this can inlude the fact you have failed a client for whatever reason.

When writing copy you need to think that there is no friendly or personal sales person to help the prospective consumer… Just your copy – So make it pay.

So your copy must not only be grammatically correct (not always…depends on your website) but also be able to reach and every reader on an individual level. Take yourself for instace, is this article reaching out to you? is this article what you expected? and further more is this article making you want to look at our services? Further than this your copy must be written in such a way that it will assist your SEO efforts.

So with this in mind, Does your SEO measure up? For your potential clients, current clients and for search engines? or is your copy failing you?

A professional and expert copy writer will give you a new perspective, within a few minutes of conversation. Writers block is often what causes repetitive language within text, making it seem forced and un-natural both to users and your search engine. A great copy writer can spend 2 minutes looking at 100 words and soon after write a much better, highly convertable script which will sell your products and services. 

Comprehensive Copywriting Services

Whether you need one page or 1 million pages writing or re-scripting AK Designs offer SEO copy writing at all levels, from copy-writing as part of our monthly packages to getting single pages re-written, or maybe you just want some consulting on your copy on how to make it better. Contact us today about our services, and get low-cost and effective SEO services from AK Designs.

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