Twitter Whores

With so many Celebs finding a home on twitter (including @stephenfry @schofe @jasonbradbury @lancearmstrong @wossy and many others) I ask are these celebs becoming Twitter Whores?
Twitter Whore – A Twitter whore is a tweet (one who tweets) whom accumulates many thousands of followers in a short time, shows addiction through tweeting even when at work, and promotes their twitter (@name) at any time possible.

So lets examine some twitter geeks, tweetaholics and twitter whores….where do you fall?

Now being a geek, iv been using twitter since a few months after its birth and i’ve accumulated 1821 posts/updates, 552 people currently follow me, and I follow 976 (as of this moment). I class myself as a tweetaholic. @andykinsey

@StephenFry has been a member a few months has reached 1798 updates, 225K+ followers and he follows over 50K tweets himself. – He is a Twitter Whore!

@boagworld is a fantastic guy and runs headscape and the boagworld podcast. he has 5,930 tweets with 5300+ followers and follows 235, this man is clearly a TWITTER WHORE!

A little more geeky this time.
@LeoLaporte has been a long-time member, it was one of his netcasts at the twit network that introduced me to twitter. Leo has 1900 tweets, 90K+ followers and follows almost 700 himself. Leo also has several other twitter accounts with about the same ammount of numbers (though some repeats) – @LeoLaporte is a huge twitter whore!

I get to be even more of a geek now.
@THErealDVORAK (aka John C. Dvorak) a commentator on many subjects and often a guest on the @leolaporte netcast “This Week In Tech” (TWiT). he has 1,150 updates, 44K+ followers and follows 676 tweets himself. Dvorak …. a long time member of twitter is NOT a twitter whore, but rather a tweetaholic as myself.

So with this all in mind – admit you are a twitter whore and tell the world (dont forget to include your @name) – Enjoy

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