Social Networking is Dead!!!

Ever thought what would happen if social networking died, rather prematurely…aka NOW?!?!
Well having just read the Google SEO Guide – PDF (again) I am now living in a little fear, at least with Google they could be about to significantly reduce the inpact Social Networking links have.

Sites built around user interaction and sharing have made it easier to match interested groups of people up with relevant content.
• attempting to promote each new, small piece of content you create; go for big, interesting items
• involving your site in schemes where your content is artificially promoted to the top of these services

Although Social Networking has not been around for many years, it was quickly adopted by search engines as being very important. If a link became viral through these portals surely it was the crowds that wanted to see it! and this means it should be top of the rankings. However this was based on the ideal situation that no person would ever buy votes or anything like this. (This ideal shows what kind of sheltered life people at these search engine companies can live). So maybe this shows that at least Google are noticing this can and does happen (and it will never stop).

So what does this really mean? why should this bother the average website owner?
Well in truth, immediately I believe it means very little. Right now you should continue to social network, and share links with the world. This at least for the majority means you are encouraging good content. However at the same time you should consider that it appears as though the search engines are moving trends back towards real links from websites it considers to be “good”. This does not mean that social networking is or will ever be blackhat. However finding the next big craze that search engines like may also be key.

I think I found it in Twitter

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  1. @Eli, Jasons project Mahalo is a fantastic idea its only downfall is the sheer amount of money it is costing and will costs as it continues to expand. Jason believes it is a search engine, which is true, however it will never beat google or msn, or even yahoo (though this depends what happens to yahoo). Mahalo maybe the type of thing to mix with social networking to create the next big thing, but on its own…. i doubt it will do much.

  2. Hi Andy
    You post some fantastic stuff, keep it up.

    In terms of the death of Social Networking, I believe in essence the same as yourself. However, As you point out (even if vaguely) the search engines aren’t about to forget all these links and submissions to the Social Networks. Indeed projects like JC’s Mahalo (the human powered search engine) are where I am putting my bets… and money.


  3. Thanks for the discussion guys.
    We started with humans for the most popular terms, but are you can see we are using curated social activity to grow the system as well (i.e. Mahalo Answers).

    Over time you’ll see more automation. So the cost should stay steady as the production and traffic grow–that’s leverage and that’s what makes for a big business.

    We have only shown three of our five cards–60%. We have two more big pieces coming in mid 2009 and early 2010. So, all will be revealed in time. 😉

  4. i dont think that social networking has died i just think that there all turning into the same thing or just upgrading. there needs to be something new and fresh idea for socail networking.myspace and face book are turning into each other slowly and twitter is just face book just need time to upgrade
    im just waiting for the next big craze atm
    im young but the bingo feaver has bitten me


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