Is your site to “Googlecentric”?

Googlecentric (according to the Urban Dictionary) is “A view of the world centered on Google and/or Googling” My wife doesn’t belief that ____ exists because it wasn’t available on Google. She is Googlecentric.
Although I do not doubt there are people out the like this mans wife, I somewhat doubt that most people are this serious, and thats not the point of this blog. I want to ask you, and your SEO company are they and therefore is your site Googlecentric? My bet form most people…. yes! and why….well to be honest there is no good reason!!!

Firstly before I carry on I should make clear AK Designs and the companies of which I am affiliated/contracted for etc are not Googlecentric, this is why I refer to rankings as Search Ranks and not PageRanks (which is google specific). SR’s are based on a formula of many aspects of any given site.

Back before Yahoo began to go down hill ….last year. It was China’s Biggest search supplier….and Japans, maybe something to do with them being based there (who knows), and this made them the second largest online search engine….and of course in first was Google!!! So it would stand to reason if you came top of google you would be top of yahoo right? wrong! and consider this….today MSN (Microsofts Search Network) has moved forward so much it is now less than 10% behind Google!!! So why are companies still Google Centric? … Because it pays to be this, people like to see the words “top of google” and “page rank 9 out of 10”, well I laugh in the face of these people, yes it means your successful but go and search the same keywords on msn and yahoo and ask then tell me you are successful!. I doubt you can.

Anyway so heres a brief list about Why you shouldn’t be Google specific.

Other Search Engines bring traffic too! Even if you only ever get a little from them no traffic should be forgotten, its people from this traffic that pay the bills, not the search engines!

It may never happen but …What if google goes down! and your bottom of the other rankings! …your dead in the water. What if the other SE becomes more popular…again dead in the water?

Other search engines give you more chance to reach a certain demographic for your site, just like certain social networks will. (eg. LinkedIn will give you business links where as facebook probably will not).

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