How to Get Meaningful Links?

Getting links from other websites and directories is relatively easy. Or so you would think given that if you do a search in Google for links to a website (links: you will normally see hundreds if not thousands of results. But are these links really doing a website any favours? Are they really helping the search ranking of a website or particular web page? Answer….. No.
So, now I hear you ask the inevitable question “Andy, I thought getting links helps though?”

Well yes it does, but the links have to be relevant to your site. If you have a technology site/blog linked from a website about cats there is no real reference or weight as for the reasoning (most the time). However if you have created the site this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t include your link in the footer! However, if you have a link from another site that is about technology then it will carry more weight in the rankings. Add to this that search engines will only give you ranking / authority if another meaningful and related site does. So getting a million links at a rank of 0 will mean nothing to 3 or 4 of rank 7 or above…. seems odd? Well no not really, this is to stop link farming and also to stop the larger mini-webs (read more about mini webs here (see below)). However this isn’t to say that links from smaller sites are a waste of time, indeed it is sometimes these sites which deliver more traffic.

So what are Mini Webs?

Honestly there are several variations some more effective than others, and some totally black hat! So be careful, is all I will say. Mini Webs are in essence a series of microsites, this means they are smaller sites which have content and are part of a larger site or series of sites. Getting a mini web to work is easier said than done. You need to make smaller websites which have relative content to your site, but NOT duplicate! It needs to have its own value, after a few months you should have a search ranking of some kind (or a web authority and belief from a search engine that you have longevity). It is at this point you link to your site, don’t just delete the micro site because one day it may become larger and more popular than the large site you originally wanted traffic to go. Make sure your link is place prominently and is surrounded by relative wording and that your link isn’t just a style but rather “SEO Blog” (use keywords from your site if possible!).
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5 Comments on “How to Get Meaningful Links?”

  1. This is a good post, explains the basics very well. The one thing it does not really go into is the persistance required to create effective one way links, and also if you are doing a link search on your competitors – the chances are the links may be relevent. However in any form of linking, it is down to the link builder to be able to justify any relevance.

  2. Good post!
    You mention that getting a million links wont be as good as getting 3 or 4 PR7 links, im not so sure I agree with that, I do in a way because content related links are of course much better, but if you had 100% content related links it may look a bit odd and “unnatural” to Google. I think as long as your main objective is to get good quality links from similar or related content/sites then other non-related sites wont hurt you at all and may benefit you (if only a little).

    Great post all the same, and correct but everyone has their own little ideas and thoughts about SEO.

  3. Thanks for the interesting post, I’m new to all this seo business and it’s great to have someone like you to offer a few hints and tips. I’ve taken what you’ve said on board and fingers crossed I see some progress.
    [edited – url from name*dot*uk – nice try]

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