SEO Tips – Appendix C – Social Networking

During 2005 Myspace gained more visitors and users than Google Wikipedia. With other SN’s like Facebook and Twitter, this trend has continued until the present day. Currently Social Networks such as StumbleUpon, Delicious, Reddit, and most notably Digg, are top of the ranks.
but Even with evidence of this being quite clear, why use them? Well to be clear about this, Social Networking is a tool which can drive extreme amounts of traffic to your site, for example from a single stumble not long ago this site recieved over 1000 visitors, I have seen with my own eyes how SN can create extreme traffic in a matter of minutes to a site.

Still not convinced? Well all I can say is try it!

Go and Digg your site, Stumble It, Reddit, Flurk It and more, leave links of Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn and more. Watch the number of visitors grow and grow, enjoy the success of this. However, thats not all you need to do, you need to convert your traffic, if you have an accessible site, you avoid jargon and your layout is clean this should be fairly easy.

Make It Easy – Making SN easy is something of importance if its not easy to share your site by SN or email then people won’t do this. Use a site such as or search SE’s for similar tools, all you do is copy code and your away. Quick, Simple and easy for users.

Social Media Optimising (SMO) – This refers to the methods by which through Social Media / Networking you can get high volumes of visitors. SMO is mainly for “dynamic” sites whom get update on a regular basis, such as a blog. SMO is all about how you go about getting popularity, which sites you use, which social sites you target, and if you are targeting the correct audience.
For Example, digg is rather general and SE’s know this, so if your a technology blog don’t bother so much with this, why not use SlashDot or Technorati

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