SEO Tips – Appendix B – Copy

This post is the second part of appendix b, concerning itself with Copy. And in particular copy Writing and Editing. There will be one further section of appendix b.Copy is special, this is to say that getting your copy wrote and edited correctly is of paramount importance. Get this correct and your in the door, put simply visitors will stay on your site for longer, will find better content and link to you, they will share your site and SE’s will pick up on this. In addtion to this good copy can mean SE’s will index your site correctly and understand what your site is about.

Copy Writing
Your website (or blog) should be written for both humans and robots (Search Engines). You need to keep enough lovely keywords in there for Search Engine robots (so they escape back to thier home and help your ranking). However you also need to maintain contact with your normal visitor and give them the real content they want. Remember SE’s are important, but they dont carry the cash cards.

Visitors – You have ONLY around 8 to 17 seconds the capture the attention of your visitors, so whilst images and the such are all good and well, your textual content must be to the point and concise. It must be readable and easy to follow, it should not use jargon, and if it does link out to a website with explanation (you dont have to explain it and it wont effect your ranking). Simply tell your visitors what your products are, why they should choose them and how to get them, be short and sweet, do not beat around the bush.
SEO Copy Writing to AK Designs is something of great importance, we pride outselves on the fact we can offer some of the best copy skills around, giving your site all it needs to succeed not only with visitors but also those pesky search engines.

Search Engine Robots (SER’s) – SER’s are a bit special interms of copy writing, but the concepts are simple. All you need to do is get your balance correct. (as with everything seo balance is everything). You must balance your keyword population / ratio between 5 and 10% and not keyword stuff, but whilst doing this you must keep the attention of your visitor, so be careful!
SER’s are looking for these keywords, your heading tags, your emphasis and strong tagging, clean source code and links on your page. But they are also looking for trends between pages, and between websites. Another key factor for SE’s are your links, you should never link with a “click here” or “more info” or even “read more” all links for both SEO and accessibility should be as descriptive as possible (for example “our work” or “AK Designs”). You must also be careful not to Keyword stuff this is very much Black Hat as is duplicate content.

Copy Editing
So you’ve hundreds of pages, sit back relax enjoy they day. But wait you find that certain pages like “FAQ’s” and your “about” page have hundreds of possible keywords (i’ve seen almost 400 in some cases!). This needs sorting surely? Well, yes. However instead of simply changing your keywords look at the copy, this is what needs ammending you should nothave the need for this many keywords, you shouldn’t even have more than 10 keywords! So rewrite the page!
but how? Well in simple terms, take what you have, half it and then half it again. Plan your content and then cut it down, give only the detail a customer could want, not what you want to give them. Don’t leave them with any questions except “can you help me?” or “I have a project…”.
Also from a visitor POV you should have a continuous writing style, you should not change from one style to another in a matter of sentences, this will leave any visitor dizzy and confused. continuity means people will visit again, make something easy to read and you will be handsomely repaid by visitors. In addtion to this, you should use “call to action” links, this is to say your links should be of the copy like “find out more about….” or “learn more about ….” or “contact us now for …”.

And thats it for copy, its not complicated at all, you just have to get the balance of entertaining the purse and the Search Engine.

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