SEO Tips – Part One

I have talked to many readers of my blog recently, a lot asking about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Asking everything from what is it, to how do I go about it cheaply, to much more detailed questions. Admittedly I didn’t know all the answers, I knew alot but not all. That’s mainly because Search Engines (SE’s) like Google, MSN and Yahoo, keep search algorithms secret.
Now this might sound scary and make it almost impossible one would suggest to get a good ranking from such SE’s. However this isn’t strictly true, there a few things you can do and these will help you alot in getting your site out there and seen.

This first blog will deal with techniques and how they can make or break a sites rank. Further blogs will talk about Meta Tags and other key suggestions as well as talking about how accessibility and SEO go hand – in hand.

These tips are not fully detailed, nor should be taken directly. It is suggested by myself that you read between the lines, do some more research, or approach me individually at or leave a comment below.

There are two main catagories of technique, these are; White Hat and Black Hat.

Black Hat – deals with the things SE’s dislike alot, and penalise websites for. These include things like “link farming”, “doorway pages”, keyword stuffing, spamdexing and other such activities (which i wont go into right now).

White Hat – talks about the things SE’s are known to like or that SE’s are likely to like, things such as;
Fresh Content, good meta tagging, inbound links from “good neighbourhoods”, no dead ends, easy to navigate websites, submitting to directories (DMOZ etc) clean/non-clutters code and more.

If a website was to use black hat tricks (and it should be added, gets caught) all SE’s have been known to blacklist websites permanently or place you in a “sandbox” this is to say your site can’t be see from the SE for a particular period of time. Some BH tricks are worse than others, for example link farming is almost certain to be penalised as its easy to spot bad neighbourhoods.

Where as if a site uses White Hat techniques, although not guaranteed, it is much more likely SE’s will link and rank you highly. Some techniques grab attention more than others, some are more important than others. But it is not the same for all websites!.

Each website can benefit from good SEO techniques but if used incorrectly or not implemented correctly they will simply be a waste of time.

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